Convo Worship Production – Every event done by Liberty is done with a genuine heart

Lights, camera, action. From the introduction music that signals the start of Convocation to the glowing lights and smoke that appear as the Worship Collective begins to lead thousands of students in praise, it is no question that this is a
notable event.

Convocation is a semiweekly gathering that not only draws in the Liberty University student body, but it also attracts people around the city of Lynchburg and those who tune in via livestream. 

However, the lingering debate among some spectators is whether the theatrics of it all hinders the message the school is trying to promote.

Jefferson Bethke speaks at Convocation on November 2, 2022. (Photo by Brooke McDuffee)

Some are concerned that the lights and special effects serve as a distraction that moves people away from the central focus of worship, yet the Convocation crowd often mistakes passion for performance. Untangling the two words is key to understanding the intentions behind the special effects during Convocation.

Liberty University carries the mission of training champions for Christ. 

How does this affect the quality of the work done by Liberty? This means that everything the university does is done
with excellence. 

In the effort to raise up champions for Christ, Liberty utilizes the education students are receiving and invites them to use their skills and talents as a way of ministry and an opportunity to serve — from digital media students to instrumentalists and vocalists. The production for Convocation offers an opportunity for a variety of majors to bring glory to the kingdom through their gifts.

Additionally, the university’s Convocation is the largest gathering of Christian students in the world, with over 10,000 students and people from around Lynchburg attending the twice-weekly event.

As a result, Convocation is a main point of attraction for prospective students whenever they tour the campus. This does not mean that Convocation is for show. On the contrary, the event showcases that whatever Liberty does, it does well. 

Jessica Long speaks at Convocation in the Vines Center November 9, 2022. (Photo by Natalie Olson).

Because this renowned Christian university has the means and ability to produce such a large event with high-quality technology and lights, it continually makes an effort to do so. These efforts are not for the sake of making the school known but for the sake of glorifying God. 

Everything comes back to the posture of the heart. No matter how big or small a worship event may be, if the singers, speakers and musicians are doing it for their own glory, then it means nothing, and it takes away from the purpose of it all.

Yet if those on and off the stage have a heart positioned toward worshiping God, then all the lights, cameras and even occasional smoke will not be a deterrent to the program but an enhancement of the message. 

Some may view the special effects during Convocation as a distraction or as nothing more than a performance. This may stem from the way they were raised or the type of church they grew up in. While it is okay to have preferences on how you worship, don’t mistake passion for performance. 

Every event produced by Liberty University, no matter the size, is done with a genuine heart and a desire to bring glory and honor to God’s heavenly kingdom. 

Daniel is an opinion writer for the Liberty Champion. Follow her on Twitter

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