Festival of Cultures through art

Artists’ tents formed rows throughout the parking lot. Cheerfully-colored pottery adorned the tables, and the aroma from food vendors wafted on the morning breeze. A bouncy castle provided yet another layer of fun at the Clay Festival sponsored by the Academy Center for the Arts on Oct. 15.  

Located deep within the heart of downtown Lynchburg is the home of the Academy Center of the Arts. For over 117 years, the Academy has provided encouragement to various artists in the community. The center provides classes and workshops dealing in pottery, painting, acting and serving in the local communities. It enables individuals of all ages to take part in the joys of creating a work of art. 

“We seek to provide quality … (a) means for … people from all walks of life … to continue to hone and sharpen (their) skills,” Michelline Hall, an instructor at the center, said.

Hall described how societies created art particular to their own culture, and art has been able to communicate much about the previous society simply by what was created.

“(Art is) reflective of the consciousness of the civilization,” Hall said. “It is important to be proud of the art that we create (as it is) unique and special to us.”

Each vendor had a story to tell. With every passing tent, a new individual flair was expressed through the art on display. The artists put life and experience into their pieces and shared their experience with onlookers. Some attendees were able to take some of the expressive pieces home with them, but many others simply enjoyed the exhibition.

Information on future events can be found at academycenter.org/calendar/.

Whatley  is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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