Taste of Nations at Liberty University

There’s a tasty event cooking up at Liberty University. The International Student Center will host Taste of Nations Sept. 30 on the Montview Student Union Academic Lawn. 

“Taste of Nations is an annual event that we host,” Kristina Bautista, the director for the International Student Center, said. “It’s an exciting time to see all of the cultures represented on campus.”

The event will include different sample dishes from around the world, which will be prepared and served by Liberty’s international students as they represent their home countries. Students can stop by for a taste test from 9-11 p.m. and sample as many homemade dishes as possible. 

 There will be approximately 22 nations represented, including Canada, Ethiopia, Guatemala and more. Some of the dishes being served at the event will include empanadas, chicken curry and butter tarts for dessert. 

In past years, some students preparing dishes have recreated their family recipes. This allows students to connect with their homeland and share their family traditions with other connoisseurs. The event allows students to try new things and perhaps discover a new favorite dish. 

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in fun multicultural activities, including musical performances as well as salsa and Zumba demos.   

With an event this size, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. Volunteers work hard to make Taste of
Nations special. 

Liberty international office hosts its annual Taste of Nations sent during global focus week in the Montview Alumni Ballroom on February 20, 2018. (Photo by Joel Isimeme)

“We have over 150 volunteers from either student groups, staff and CSER,” Bautista said. “They help us throughout the
entire event.”

While the event is a great way for students to get acquainted with other cultures and experience the variety of international cuisine, participants can also meet peers from different countries and interact to learn more. 

According to Bautista, students from various disciplines can join the event and participate in cross-cultural engagement. This kind of experience can prepare them to serve on mission trips, cross-cultural business trips and develop personal relationships across societies. 

“Taste of Nations will allow students to see a variety of countries and experience the world from right here,” Bautista said.  

According to Bautista, with this event and others throughout the school year, the International Student Center at Liberty University hopes to encourage students to take cross-cultural steps, helping them to make lifelong friends and giving them a variety of enriching experiences.   

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