Student Activities to host Late Skate, an 80s-themed event

An ‘80s-themed costume competition, ice skating, and fun and prizes combine for a new event hosted by Student Activities, Late Skate. The free event will be held Saturday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. in the LaHaye Ice Center. 

Student Activities will award a grand prize to the winner of the costume competition. 

For elementary education student Bethany Peterson who grew up in a home of hockey lovers, ice skating has always been something she has enjoyed. Watching the players on the ice gave her the inspiration she needed to try ice skating herself. She also enjoys ice skating with her family every year around Christmas. 

Peterson said the event would be an excellent opportunity to have fun with friends, get to know new people and enjoy stumbling on the ice together. 

The same is the case for freshman and therapeutic science major Matthew Smith who, like Peterson, found a love for ice skating through a passion for hockey.  

Smith is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and has enjoyed watching the sport from a distance. He thinks ice skating is super fun and cannot wait to experience ice skating
with friends. 

Smith thinks Student Activities does a great job hosting events such as this one, and he especially loved Block Party. He looks forward to other events that Student Activities will hold. 

“Ice skating is recreational, and as a  freshman, it’s a chance to meet new people and socialize,” freshman Marielle
Cusson said. 

Cusson appreciates the time and effort that Student Activities puts into events such as student-led concerts, Laser Tag, Outdoor Movie Nights and the Late Skate event. She said it takes great patience, perseverance, determination, creativity and energy to entertain college students, so she appreciates all the events Student Activities
puts together.

Students can learn more about Fall Fest, the Dustin Nickerson Comedy Show, Coffeehouse and other Student Activities’ events throughout the year by visiting

Merritt is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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