Produce Stand Coming Back to Montview

Sodexo plans to bring back its Produce Stand which allows students to enjoy a fresh array of fruits and vegetables. This healthy treat hosted in previous semesters will be up and running near the Montview Student Union steps Wednesday, Sept. 14, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

“The Produce Stand is our event where we provide produce and homemade goods that aren’t typically found on campus,” Shelby Burton, marketing manager at Sodexo, said. “Each produce stand offerings are different depending on seasonal offerings and what our produce supplier can give us, but we usually have a variety that includes items like apples, berries, potatoes, avocados and carrots.”

All food options will be provided by Cavalier Produce, a business that receives its produce from various
farmers throughout Virginia. 

Junior transfer student Claire Sweeney plans to go to the stand. 

“I’m trying to incorporate a healthier lifestyle (and) eat more clean foods,” Sweeney said. “I think that students will experience the produce stand and adopt healthier goals for themselves.” 

Since starting these produce stands in 2018, and only pausing once during COVID-19, Sodexo’s goal has always been to encourage students to make healthier choices when given the chance. The wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables will offer something for everyone.  

“We want to provide healthy options for students to be able to use their meal tenders (Dining Dollars and Flames Cash) for,” Burton said.

Sweeney noted that the various goods provided will give students unfamiliar with clean foods plenty of opportunities to learn. 

When asked about whether she planned to invite others to the stand, Sweeney nodded in agreement.

 “You can have your little produce posse and head to the stand together,” she said. 

Sodexo’s plan to host its Produce Stand on campus once again this year brings many benefits, such as a chance to develop beneficial habits and the opportunity to enjoy something tasty and nutritious. 

Students can purchase goods at this event by using cash, card, Dining Dollars or Flames Cash. 

To learn more about Sodexo and all it has to offer, students can visit or follow @libertydining on Instagram. 

Hess is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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