Parking Lot Concert will give students a view a Liberty campus

On Friday, Sept. 9, Student Activities will light up the top of the Runk & Pratt Garage with a fun parking lot concert. There will be performances by student artists such as Carlisle, Lauren Elise, and Will Burke. 

“Hosting events like this concert are good for making friends,” senior Adia Waters said. 

Waters said that Student Activities always hosts events that give people something fun to do and help people make deep connections based on common ground.  

Rookie’s ice cream will attend, providing food and desserts available for purchase.

This event will help students get acquainted with their talented classmates as well as enjoy a night out. 

Junior Allie Willis and sophomore Gracie Dell appreciate Student Activities’ willingness to put on events such as this for the student body.

Willis and Dell also like how Student Activities brings people together and helps students have a good time while trying new things.

Student Activities is also offering the Dustin Nickerson Comedy Show on Sept. 23 and Couch Acoustics Live on Sept. 6. To learn more about future events, students can visit

Merritt is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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