Neverland Books: A Local Way to save used books

Around the world millions of books are deposited into landfills every year. 

In an effort to combat this wastefulness of knowledge and imagination, local Lynchburg family — Devan, Ben and Monica Coombes — decided to start Neverland Books By the Pound. The bookstore salvages these discarded books and allows others to build their personal library affordably.

Giving literature a new home is Neverland Books’ main goal. As the Coombes family continues to share their love of reading, they work within the Lynchburg community to share that same love with others. Neverland Books is currently donating all of their Bibles to a local mission organization and giving discounts to local teachers.

 “We plan to launch several more community-oriented programs like free classroom book sets and stuffed backpacks for foster kids by January,” Monica Coombes said when asked about their local initiatives. As their business grows, they care for the community by giving it one of the greatest gifts — knowledge. 

With thousands of books organized by genre into bins,  customers can explore the bins like a hunt for treasure to find the books that are right for them. After finding the right books to take home, books are weighed by the pound, and a price is set accordingly. 

 “Having access to books is a lot like the silk road,” Monica Coombes said. “There is endless knowledge to be found in books, and with that knowledge, you can overcome anything.”

Books  possess the opportunity to be transported into a whole new world.  Anyone who picks up a book shares this      experience with others and brings a new perspective to the literature of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Not everyone enjoys reading, but at Neverland Books, there is a book for everyone. Neverland Books encourages all ages to find a book they will enjoy.

 “If you aren’t a reader, you just haven’t found the right book,” Ben Coombes said. “Reading is important because not only does it expand your knowledge base, even if you’re reading fiction, but it expands your mind.”

 Reading invokes a sense of imagination and adventure. That is why the Coombes family decided to name their business Neverland Books. 

“Neverland is the home of never-ending stories,” Devan Coombes said. “We believe that Peter Pan never had to grow up, and with books, do you.”

 Neverland Books is a family dedicated to sharing the love of books – and making those books accessible to the community. Their favorite part about running this business is seeing the joy on every customer’s face when they find a book that is right for them. 

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Auld is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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