Liberty’s Parking Garage Concert is one to Remember

Student Activities hosted its first Parking Lot Concert Sept. 9 at 8 p.m., featuring student artists Lauren Elise, Will Burke and student band Carlisle.

Held on top of the Runk & Pratt parking garage, the event provided students with a fun, yet safe environment to express themselves and eat ice cream sandwiches from Rookie’s as a treat for attendees. 

“As a freshman, and my first time away from home, activities can be a little overwhelming. But I am so thankful that we are given the opportunity to be in an environment that makes every person feel included,” freshman Nyah Gray said. 

“My favorite part of the Parking Lot Concert had to be the view from the top of Runk & Pratt and being on stage with some of my best friends,” Will Burke, performer at the concert, said. “Being a part of this event was so much fun. It felt amazing to play some of my original music as well as some covers.”

Member of the band Carlisle, Alan Cox, also enjoyed being able to perform at the event.

“The backdrop of the sunset and the mountains were incredible and the crowd that showed up was all in, which made performing a blast,” Cox said. “The night was really special to me personally because I got to play my new single ‘Thief in the Water’ that had just released that same day.”

With a goal of creating community at Liberty University, Student Activities gives students opportunities to express themselves and connect with classmates.  

Student Activities hosts many other live music events throughout the year, including student concerts, Open Mics and more.

“Student Activities truly does a great job putting these events together and works really hard to make them the best they can be, not only for those attending, but for the student artists as well,” Burke said.

There are students on campus who dream of being the next big Christian singer. With help from events organized by Student Activities, they have the possibility to share their talents with the student body.

“There is no better way to enjoy your college experience than to get involved with community, and Student Activities creates opportunities for students to have access to community on campus,” Coordinator of Special Events Christopher Knight said.

Students can find out more information about Student Activities and upcoming events by visiting

Barton is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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