Laser Tag is coming back to Liberty

As the school year starts up, Student Activities is hosting a myriad of events to help students build community and make friends while having fun.

Mark your calendars for Sept. 8 when Student Activities puts on Laser Tag at 8 p.m. in the LaHaye Event Space. 

Whether students are just going for fun, for the thrill of challenging your best friend and beating them or just to enjoy competition and look for every opportunity to have another win in your pocket, Laser Tag is a great way to get involved with fellow students here on campus.

“We work with students throughout the year to determine which events are relevant but also engaging,” Cort Comfort, the director of Student Activities, said. “Laser tag is one of those that comes up time and time again as a great activity for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. We made sure this time to add in an observation area so that friends can cheer on their favorite team.”

Comfort said Student Activities will provide up-to-date laser tag equipment, including blasters, vests and an arena fitted with obstacles, barriers and an array of different structures. Spectators are allowed.

“Our department seeks to entertain the student body of Liberty University,” Comfort said. “Rest is key to success, and every now and then we need to stop and have fun. Laser tag is the perfect blend of competition and fun.”

Referees will be present throughout the event, and they will brief each team on rules and formatting prior to the start. 

“We have a mission to serve and entertain students with events to develop community and create and foster culture,” Walker Sandler, event supervisor at Student Activities, said. “Laser Tag provides an opportunity for students to meet new people, strengthen friendships and give them the opportunity to enjoy themselves. We love to see students out enjoying themselves on campus, and it helps when we can provide those moments of joy.”

For psychology major Sam Berchtold, who grew up in New York state, laser tag was a common pastime. Similar hobbies like Nerf guns and Airsoft frequently dominated his upbringing. Berchtold said he is excited to bond with people with similar interests and expand his friend group. 

He said that the most important part of laser tag is that you are a part of a larger community and can connect with teammates, share points and enjoy the rush of scoring, all while participating in friendly competition. 

“Any team building events would give an individual a chance to grow and expand within their community,” Berchtold said. “It is very important to not be so invested in technology and our phones, and to be more invested in one another, because that is what (life) is really going to be about in the end.”

Students interested in Laser Tag can visit

“Our hope is that after Block Party, Neon Mini Golf, Line Dancing Night and our Fall Welcome Week events, the new student body knows that Student Activities will always put in the time to have a good event,” Comfort said. “When students leave Liberty, they are left with unique memories. Events that aim to build community also build the strongest memories.” 

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