Students take to the Academic Lawn for Compassion Worship Night

The Compassion International club, along with approximately 80 students, took to the Academic Lawn April 21 to worship and learn how to help children living in extreme poverty. 

President Emily Del Grosso presented students with the issues and challenges associated with global poverty.

“As a club, it is our desire to introduce many different ways that students have the ability to fulfill God’s commandment to take care of people who do not have the blessings that we experience each and every day,” Del Grosso said. 

Guest speaker Meghan Foley has been a mentor to the club’s leadership for the past two years. An official member of the Compassion International team, Foley talked about students’ ability to change the course of a child’s life for the better and to potentially rescue them from the dangerous conditions associated with hunger. 

“You might not have the financial resources now to sponsor (a) child or donate, but your time is just as valuable, and your voice is just as valuable,” Foley said. “I’d encourage you to get plugged in with some kind of cause … Use your voice, and use your time and skills towards something that matters.”

After students listened to the message from Foley, they were challenged to support the children both financially and spiritually.

“It’s pretty eye-opening just to see the poverty, and this gives you a good perspective on how other people’s lives may not be as easy as (ours),” student Ian Hansen said. 

Del Grosso said that Compassion@LU plans to hold at least one large event to engage students during each semester. The club meets every week on Thursday. If students are interested in joining the club, they can follow them on Instagram @compassion_lu for more information.

JANG is a news reporter.

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