Student Opinion – Should Parents Boycott Disney?

For many, Disney was an integral part of their lives as a premier form of entertainment. Our parents likely grew up on Disney and probably even made trips to Disney World or Disneyland when they were young and wished for us to have that same experience as we grew up. Now, as the journey into adulthood approaches, you may feel that same affinity for Disney that you did when you were a child. 

There was a time when Disney portrayed traditional family values in its media, attracting families of all walks and backgrounds to its content. That time is no more. Disney has fully dedicated itself to the LGBT agenda, opposing common sense legislation in Florida that would give parents more control over what their children are taught in elementary school. 

Disney entertainment is now being used to push agendas that don’t fit with the worldview of any biblical Christian. In a leaked video from a Disney staff meeting, an executive producer for the company admitted that they are regularly “adding queerness” to animated children’s entertainment as part of a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” This “gay agenda” is not antithetical only to Christian beliefs, but also to common sense. 

Children’s entertainment should primarily be an outlet to educate children about the world in a way that is age-appropriate. Disney has been dedicated to indoctrinating children with inappropriate theories and agendas. Whether you agree with the ideas they are promoting or not, there are very few people who believe these ideas should be taught to younger children, especially not through what is supposed to be family-friendly entertainment. 

So, what are Christians to do about such matters? Is it time for Christians to ditch Disney and seek other outlets? The answer primarily depends on who you are. 

For parents, it may be wise to limit or even completely cut Disney content from the home. It is one thing to have to deal with issues like CRT and transgender ideology in schools, but having to see those things in the entertainment you pay for to show your kids is completely different.

While controlling what is taught to kids in schools is harder and involves getting more involved than some parents desire to be, cutting Disney out of the home is much simpler. It is being made even easier with the growing number of options that don’t push the same radical agendas Disney is pushing. The most recent example of this is the Daily Wire’s recent announcement to commit $100 million to producing children’s entertainment.

Consumer demand will eventually create new options, the same way that demand for free speech led to platforms like Parler, Gettr and Truth Social. But what if you are an employee working at Disney? Is now the time to start looking for a new job?

For the Christian, this presents a unique opportunity to be a light in a dark place. While it may seem difficult to work in a somewhat hostile environment like Disney, it is better to have Christians working there while the company is not yet actively persecuting Christian employees. 

Having more Christians in the workplace can help turn the tide against many of the radical ideas that are becoming more prevalent. 

Once Disney starts targeting their Christian employees, those Christians should consider a career change. But right now, Christians need to be a light in the darkness, sharing the love and truth of Christ in their workplace. 

Christian parents, on the other hand, need to take this opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and look to other options for children’s entertainment. These two actions together can help lead to lasting change that could result in Disney returning to the original family-friendly entertainment we all love. 

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