Serve Lynchburg gathers over 1,200 students to volunteer across the city

LU Serve hosted its annual Serve Lynchburg event April 23, bringing together over 1,200 students to provide service to over 75 organizations across Lynchburg. Students worked throughout the day in whatever ways needed like painting, planting flowers, mulching and landscaping. 

Serve Lynchburg is a day focused solely on serving the community. 

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears joined students working at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg to help organize the building, paint, and landscape the garden.

Steven Gillum, LU Serve’s director of strategic partnerships and special projects, said he wants this event to be a spark to further the goal of greater service.

“Serve Lynchburg serves as a bridge and a catalyst for students to get involved in the Lynchburg community … We are thankful for this opportunity for students to connect with each other and their community more,” Gillum said.

Serve Lynchburg started in the morning as volunteers assembled on the Montview Academic Lawn. Students wore red Serve Lynchburg shirts and gathered at the signs for their requested organizations. LU transportation drove them to their destination. They worked from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Student Simeon Newton said the event helped him appreciate God’s love.

“I think giving opportunities like Serve Lynchburg … helps us both better appreciate God’s love for us and be better able to shine that to other people,” Newton said. 

Student Hannah Burt believes this kind of Christian service is a necessary practice that all Christians are called to do.

“You got to use those muscles that you’re training up,” Burt said. “If you’re training your muscles that means you’re using them.”

Student Gianna DePaul said she thought the event is a way to show the community Liberty’s mission. 

“We get to tangibly show the love of Christ in our actions,” DePaul said. “I think a lot of times its easy for us to say, ‘We’re at Liberty. We’re Christians. Look at how godly we are.’ But this is actually a chance to get our hands dirty doing that.” 

Serve Lynchburg concluded as buses dropped off students on campus followed by the Student Activities After Party. Each volunteer was given a food voucher they could present to vendors at the After Party later that day. 

Licari is a news reporter.

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