Culture of Life 1972 collaborates with multiple Liberty clubs to host Garden Soiree event

For the third year in a row, Culture of Life 1972 hosted a Garden Soiree for Life April 22 in collaboration with Students for Life, Turning Point USA and Pursuit of Truth, as well as special guest speaker Alex Clark, to represent and celebrate the pro-life movement. 

Culture of Life (COL) 1972 is a fashion brand that launched in January 2019. The brand gives 100% of its profits to the pro-life movement. The year 1972 was the year before the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case that legalized abortion across America. COL 1972 focuses on representing a time before abortion was the norm. 

“There are a lot of Christian pro-life people who want to have cute, trendy, affordable clothing, but they want to know that their money goes back to support their values,” Vittoria D’Addesi, co-founder of Culture of Life 1972 and student at Liberty University, said. “So whenever anybody shops with us, you know that 100% of our net profits go back to support moms in crisis.”

Vittoria D’Addesi’s partner Carla D’Addesi is both a co-founder of COL 1972 and her mother. Carla D’addesi explained that over the last three years they have donated over $40,000 in product to pro-life organizations and approximately $10,000 to Abby Johnson’s pro-life organization And Then There Were None.  

Since 2019, Culture of Life 1972 has held a fashion show to represent its brand as well as raise awareness for its cause. This is the first year they partnered with Liberty University clubs Students for Life, Turning Point USA and Pursuit of Truth. They wanted to unify the pro-life movement on Liberty’s campus.

Along with the new partnership, this year’s event became more of an end of the year formal than purely a fashion show. 

The event began with COL 1972 co-founders Vittoria D’Addesi and Carla D’Addesi introducing the company, the partners, guest speakers and the fashion show itself. The models were mostly Liberty students, and the show consisted of women and men walking the stage in everything from dresses and tulle skirts to tee shirts, shorts and hats. After the fashion show concluded, guest speaker Alex Clark took the stage. 

Clark, host of Instagram series “POPlitics” and “The Spillover” podcast, is the global ambassador of COL 1972. After working in radio for seven years, Clark started her Instagram show “POPlitics,” a conservative web series about both pop culture and politics. After her success with “POPlitics,” she started “The Spillover” podcast in which celebrities share their experiences with the world. 

“When I worked in radio, they were really trying to censor me and keep me from being conservative,” Clark said. “I wanted to do what I’m doing in a place I won’t be censored for my beliefs.” 

During Clark’s segment, she dispelled popular opinions about the pro-life movement and represented a fierce and compassionate believer in the sanctity of life. She spoke multiple times about the twisted viewpoints people have about pro-life advocates and their intentions behind their beliefs. 

“Pro-abortionists gain everything from a woman choosing death, but pro-lifers gain nothing when a woman chooses life, and we help her anyway,” Clark said. 

In addition to Clark, Hope Harvard and Yoshka Munyon comprised a panel of guests who answered questions from the crowd. Harvard is the founder and CEO of Hope Beauty, a Christian makeup brand, and Munyon is the president of Turning Point USA at Liberty University. 

For more information about Culture of Life 1972, students can visit the website

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