The Foodie Chronicles: Instagram Account Takes On Lynchburg, One Restaurant At A Time

Little moments of joy often pepper life. For many, good food is the ingredient that catalyzes these moments.  

Kaylee Bryant started the Instagram account @thelynchburgfoodie to snapshot meals from local restaurants to share with the world the food that gives her joy. 

Bryant started @thelynchburgfoodie almost a year ago to share pictures of her favorite eats around Lynchburg. Working as a nurse during COVID-19, she experienced  low emotional points and burnout. Her food account helped her escape from that, she said. 

“This page has really been an awesome outlet for me to express myself and share something I’m passionate about with the city I love,” Bryant said. “I’ve always enjoyed sharing meals and cool food I’ve gotten to experience.”

Food brings people together in many ways. A family seated around the dinner table, a group of friends raiding a taco stand or even strangers on the internet admiring one another’s food pictures — these moments all demonstrate how much people love food. 

Additionally, they love to try new dishes, share them and recommend them to others, especially within a shared community or locality. That’s part of why @thelynchburgfoodie is so special to Bryant.

“I’ve met so many people through this page,” she said. 

Highlighting a delicious snack or meal with each post, Bryant hopes to help local businesses and customers alike by bringing them together through the love for good eats. She takes all the photos on her iPhone. The raw, in-the-moment shots of something yummy convey authenticity and accessibility to her followers. 

Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts and Poke-E-Joe’s BBQ are just a short drive away for much of @thelynchburgfoodie’s following. 

Isabella’s Italian Trattoria holds a soft spot in Bryant’s heart and remains a recurring feature on the page. The mouthwatering Italian cuisine has proved irresistible to her time and time again.

“The food speaks volumes, and the specials consistently blow me away,” Bryant said. “The mussels are a must anytime you go, and the classic carbonara is amazing.”

Another favorite of hers is The Cavalier Store.

“(They have) the best fries in town,” she said. “If you’re looking for a chill spot with great burgers, this is it — just make sure you have cash because that’s all they accept.”

Every day is a chance for a new discovery and more happy moments. New restaurants pop up in Lynchburg often. Running out of places or dishes to try seems unlikely, and Bryant doesn’t see her journey of expression through food ending any time soon. 

“I want to give my city all the support I can and share with everyone how great it is,” Bryant said. “Lynchburg is a big part of my life. I love getting to see it grow.” 

Bryant grew up locally and graduated from Liberty in 2014. Many years later, she is still invested in life here, pouring back into the community through promoting local businesses on her food account.

“Get out there and explore Lynchburg,” Bryant urged. “See, taste and experience everything (it) has to offer.”

Whether it’s chomping into a powdered donut or starting an Instagram account about food, take a moment to enjoy all the food Lynchburg has to offer.

Blevins is a feature reporter.

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