Car Accident Survivor Shares Story of God’s Miraculous Work in New Book

Patrick Andrews’ new book tells the story of his life and how God transformed it with his love, even through trials and suffering. 

Andrews was a passenger in a devastating car accident more than 20 years ago that left him in a coma. Even after he woke up six weeks later, the trauma to his brain left him forever changed. His book titled “Never, Never Never Quit – Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better” reflects on God’s presence throughout his road to recovery.

“God’s sovereignty has been hammered into my life for the last 28 years,” Andrews testified.

God brought Andrews through it all, he said: weeks in a coma, months in a wheelchair, a year of therapy and an 18-year-long college graduation track. The story is a gripping one, and Andrews knew he wanted to share it. 

However, writing a book was not always part of the plan. The first nudge was from a friend at church, Scottie Birch. 

“We were talking about it, and he said you ought to write a book,” Andrews said. “And that was what put a little seed in my mind many, many years ago.”

The seed took hold. In 2018, after lots of prayer, more encouragement from friends and a feeling of peace from God, Andrews began to write. 

Well, more accurately, he began to speak. Although Andrews did sit down the old-fashioned way to type out some of his book, most of it was created through the magic of dictation. 

“I praise the Lord for the technology available now,” Andrews said.

Verbalizing his thoughts worked much better with his flow of creativity.

“I remember I talked out so much of the book just at 2 in the morning,” Andrews explained.

 He didn’t know where to start at first, but being able to talk and think of the book as a conversation brought a much-needed sense of familiarity. Five years later, through a multitude of other challenges, he finished the book. On March 1, he sent in the final copy to the editor for publication.

This book and so much of Andrews’ life testifies of the God’s faithfulness, a reminder that he will see things through.

“That’s why I wrote the book,” Andrews explained. “I want people to know that they can count on God. The Bible really, genuinely says nothing is too hard for God.”

This theme of sovereignty resounds throughout the book. Andrews hopes his story will inspire others to look to God in the broken moments of their lives, in the times when direction is unclear and pain is everywhere.

“Don’t discount God,” Andrews warned. “Even if you can’t see him, he might be over there working, and you have no clue. My life was at absolutely rock bottom. I mean, I couldn’t get any lower.”

But it didn’t end there. God’s plan for Andrews’ life wasn’t over. Years later, through missions, greeting at his local church and even through this book, Andrews strives to make an impact for the kingdom of God.

 “God worked through me in such a miraculous way that I want to tell other people about it,” Andrews said. 

His book will be published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in the near future. Andrews wants the whole world to see and know that God is good.  

Blevins is a feature reporter. 

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