Message from the President – The Next 50 Years

Inside this special edition of the Liberty Champion, you will catch a glimpse of Liberty’s humble early stages, read inspiring testaments of faith and perseverance and see the tremendous growth of campus life and global outreach. But more than anything, I hope this special edition exhibits God’s faithfulness to the mission of Liberty University and to the pioneers who pressed that mission forward. Liberty’s successes would not be possible without the Lord’s provision, first and foremost. 

Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. didn’t want to build a secular liberal arts institution; the world needed a robust Christian university that merged stellar academics with a resilient biblical worldview. Falwell’s primary mission was to help Christian young people forge their God-given talents to impact the world for Christ. And in 50 years, Liberty has equipped more than 250,000 servant leaders to be champions in whatever environment the Lord called them to work and serve. 

When I accepted the role as president nearly two years ago, our athletics programs were continuing to rise in prominence, our Year of Jubilee was swiftly approaching, and we were treading through a critical phase of spiritual refocus. Upon taking the helm, many inquired about my vision for Liberty University, as if my intentions were to mold it into something different. But rest assured, my vision for Liberty University is not to reconstruct but to reinforce Falwell’s original mission to train Champions for Christ. To the best of my ability, I have tried to guide this institution back to that foundation.

Speaking with students and learning their stories have been my most cherished memories while being your president. I’m continually impressed by our students’ maturity and enthusiasm to make differences in the workplace. This gives me so much confidence, knowing that the future, though never certain, is in good hands. 

Another encouragement to me has been our dedicated faculty and staff, the backbone of this institution. No one has greater influence on our students than these valued members of the Liberty family.

The next five decades will certainly present a multitude of unique challenges. But like all obstacles, we will work through them together while fixating our hearts and minds on the Lord.

Prevo is the President of Liberty University

But regardless of future trials, one thing is certain: I promise that Liberty University will always be God’s university — a training ground for champions where Christ is first in everything.  

As we reflect with gratefulness on the past 50 years, let us also anticipate the many miracles the Lord has in store because God’s work has only just begun.

– Dr. Jerry Prevo, President of Liberty University

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