School of Education Creates Time Capsule

In the face of work, responsibilities and the pressures of busy lives, it can be hard to imagine the future five years from now, much less 25 years from now. 

Liberty celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, commemorating not only the institution but also the students. The School of Education also has a plan to remember this year with the creation of a time capsule to be opened in 25 years. Faculty and staff from the School of Education have worked together to create this capsule and hope it will represent this year and its students well. 

Faculty member Michele Worley proposed the idea and now works on the capsule’s logistics. Worley hopes the capsule offers future students and faculty an inside look of what Liberty’s year of jubilee was like.

 “(I hope it gives) a glimpse of what life is like in 2022 but, more importantly, (helps others to) realize God’s faithfulness to Liberty University through the ages,” Worley said. 

The capsule itself is a wooden box 11 inches by 14 inches in diameter and 9 inches tall.

“The committee has a combination of items that pertain to Liberty’s 50th year going into the capsule,” Dr. Harvey Klamm, head of the capsule committee, said. 

Items such as the 50th anniversary medallion, the 50th anniversary book, pictures from School of Education events, notes from the School of Education’s faculty and staff and unworn face masks will all be included in the capsule. Each Liberty Champion newspaper from the 2021-22 academic year will also be included.

The wooden material of the capsule and uncertainty of Liberty’s future developments prompted the committee to choose a non-traditional burial. The committee hopes to place the capsule in the Carwile  Room, described by Dr. Klamm as “a conference room that houses numerous shelved items commemorating the history of the School of Education.”

Klamm directed the Professional Association of Christian Educators (PACE) Club to collect items for the capsule and enjoyed seeing students from the club reach out to other School of Education clubs. Each club worked together to create this historical piece. 

While students can help collect items, they do not decide what goes into the capsule. Students that want to add anything will need to present it before the capsule committee for approval. All items will need to be in the capsule before its closure at the School of Education’s 2022 commencement. 

compere is a feature reporter. 

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