Black Christian Student Association Celebrates Black History And Excellency With Masquerade Ball

With February behind us, there’s more to the month than roses and love letters: February is the month dedicated to Black history and excellency.  

If you would have walked into the Aviary at Miller Park the night of Feb. 25, you would have experienced a sight to behold: glitter and lights filling the chamber, music booming through the wooden floorboards, the smell of a home-cooked meal and echoes of laughter and singing. 

The Black Christian Student Association (BCSA) hosted its masquerade ball, “MASQ ’22: Black and Gold,” to celebrate Black History Month and Black excellency within a Christian environment. 

They had two goals in mind: to bring together people of all backgrounds and to experience Black culture in  an uplifting, celebratory and Christ-like way. 

“We want Black students to be seen and heard (…), where they can gauge what the truth of what (Black excellency) is rather than what (one) might see on TV or hear through music,” BCSA President Michael Campbell said. “(We want people) to build relationships with the Black students on campus and promote (the) unity of Christ in the midst of a time where there are all these divisions. We want to say we are unapologetically Black, but at the same time, we’re unashamedly Christian.” 

Aunalyse Darby, accompanied by Christopher Tirado, sang the Black national anthem “Lift Every Voice.” Walter Virgil, the director of strategic projects and alliances in the Office of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at Liberty University, addressed the crowd. 

“When I begin to think about (Black excellency), I begin to think about a really unique spirit of endurance and perseverance in the midst of hardship, and not utilizing that as an excuse not to, but pushing through it and accomplishing in spite of,” Virgil said.

BCSA’s goal in the midst of a world that wants to divide by skin color, religion, politics and more is to promote inclusion, diversity and hospitality. Everyone was welcome at the masquerade.  

“I’ve had multiple experiences in the club, and I think every experience has been welcoming and loving. I’ve felt nothing but the true love of Christ from my sisters and brothers of color, and I just feel like it’s so important that other people be able to experience that and get to come see what (Black excellency) is truly like,” student Kanee Johnson said. 

As these voices rang throughout the Aviary, a message stood out, “we are leaving a legacy of excellence.”

With Black History Month coming to a close, BCSA wants to continue celebrating Black excellency throughout the year. 

For more information about the club, students can visit Liberty’s club page at check them out on Instagram @bcsaliberty.

Wallace is a feature reporter.

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