Student Activities Planning to Host An Evening Of Competitive Fun On Campus

Liberty University students can experience a night of hilarity and high stakes on Jan. 21 courtesy of Student Activities at their first Family Feud Night.

This new event will feature a professional announcer, jokes and lots of crowd engagement. It will be held in the LaHaye Event Space at 8 p.m. with registration opening at 7:45 p.m. For those brave enough to face the competition, gift cards are offered as prizes.

“The TV show is popular and a lot of students enjoy it,” Event Supervisor Walker Sandler said about Student Activities’ inspiration for the event.

In the past, Student Activities have offered many trivia, bingo and movie nights. This is their first time organizing a game show. Fans of “Family Feud” on television should expect the same silly shenanigans from the show.

“It’s a little different than a regular Family Feud event,” Sandler explained.

The usual “Family Feud” game show has a large audience who isn’t able to participate. At this event, Student Activities want everyone to be involved. According to Sandler, the whole room will be split into teams of four giving everyone a chance to take part in the fun.

Unlike a traditional trivia night, the game is based on how students think other people would answer the question. So the competition is not a matter of intellect, but of  how well one knows their fellow students.

Family Feud Night caters to members of the student body who may enjoy game shows over other Student Activities events. Students will be able to gather with friends for lighthearted competition.

“Lots more students can get involved,” Rose Causey, a Liberty student and Resident Assistant, said about the variety of events offered by Student Activities.

Student Activities plans these events to allow students to socialize outside of the usual hall events.

“Freshmen come in and they have no friends, so they hear about these events and are able to (come and) build strong communities,” Causey said. “These types of activities rally a lot of people.”

For students not interested in game shows, Student Activities have a schedule packed with other events this semester. Some of these are familiar favorites like open mic nights, trivia nights, bingo nights and spring Coffeehouse. 

“We do have movie marathons coming up where people can come in and watch at any time of the day,” Sandler said about some of the upcoming activities.

Student Activities will also be putting on a spelling bee with a twist later this semester. 

For more information about Family Feud Night and other events, visit the Student Activities website at

Kamman is a news reporter.

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