Mission Coffee House Will Host A Seminar To Help With Stress Relief And Stress Management

Mission House Coffee Shop, located on 722 Commerce St. in Lynchburg is holding a self-care and stress management workshop on Jan. 20 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The workshop is aimed at those struggling with everyday stress and anxiety and will focus on improving one’s emotional intelligence (EQ) to deal with stress. The workshop will be hosted by Jen Rowland, a licensed counselor, certified life coach and certified behavioral consultant. 

This event serves to help people understand the importance of personal care in the workplace and to help build a greater understanding of one’s own needs and the different forms that stress takes. The goal is for participants to leave better prepared to manage stress and anxiety while having a more positive influence on both their workplace and personal life.

Rowland plans to split the workshop into two main parts – self-awareness and others awareness. She will explain several strategies on how to deal with stress before allowing time to assess each one and decide which will work best for each participant. 

Rowland will also give an overview of the DISC personality descriptions – dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. This will help in subsequent discussions on discovering one’s individual method of dealing with stress based on different personality types.

Assessments will be done both individually and in groups. This method will allow participants to evaluate themselves as well as hear the stories of their peers on how they are currently coping with stress and anxiety. They will also have the opportunity to build relationships within these groups that can help them through different anxiety-related issues they may struggle with.

“I am very passionate about helping people gain hope and healing from their circumstances,” Rowland said.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, Rowland has been concerned for businesses and the mental health of communities.

“I have been helping people for many years deal with crisis and trauma,” Rowland said. “And I knew now more than ever, it was time for me to share my knowledge and experience and strategies in a venue that would allow for more people to get the tools to deal with stress, improve communication, and rebuild their teams while we learn to navigate the pandemic.”

The owner of Mission House Coffee Shop, Tommy Clark, is also passionate about helping the community using his business.

“Our business is about the community,” Clark said. “We are here to be a support in whatever way we possibly can be.”

Clark’s shop has hosted many workshops in the past and finds it special that people can now recognize Mission House Coffee Shop as much more than a coffee shop — it is a business that is a part of and fully supports the community.

“If we truly want to see this community changed for the better, be more connected to one another and lift each other up, we need to start with looking at ourselves and allowing ourselves to start to feel free from the stresses of life,” Clark said.  “I hope that even if just in a small part we can be a part of that change.”

Admission to the event is $35. For additional information and/or a discount, contact Rowland at 814-241-6070 or email jen.elevate@pm.me.  

Kicinski is a news reporter.

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