Liberty Dining Is Offering Fresh Fruits & Veggies To Buy During Spring Semester

Students will have the unique opportunity to purchase fresh goods on campus as Sodexo will be hosting a produce and food stand on Jan. 21 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Montview Student Union in the hallway outside Starbucks. 

There will be a variety of produce offered at the event, including seasonal items and local homemade goods. Recent Sodexo produce stands on campus have included items such as avocados, berries, granola, jams, candies and more. The produce will come from Cavalier Produce, located in Louisa, Virginia, which receives its produce from farmers throughout the state.

Sodexo’s district chef will also be serving a tasty lunch combo available for purchase, and there will be free samples given out to attendees. Students will be able to purchase Sodexo’s produce offerings at the event using flames cash, dining dollars, cash or cards.  

The produce stands originally started around 2018 but were temporarily paused due to COVID-19. The produce stands held during the fall 2021 semester were successful, and Sodexo hopes that the produce stands held this spring will increase in popularity.

“(The produce stands) are our way to engage with the student body, faculty and staff of Liberty University,” said Sodexo Marketing Manager Shelby Burton. “With the produce stand, we love being able to offer students food items that aren’t usually available to them
on campus.” 

Sodexo hopes that this event and future produce stands will make whole fruits and vegetables more readily available on campus and encourage students to use their dining dollars in a
healthy way. 

“These events are great for providing something tasty and fun that the students love, while furthering our dietitian’s mission to promote healthier products on campus,” said Sodexo District Chef Sarah Falls.

Grayson Crow, a sophomore at Liberty, always looks forward to attending events like the produce stands.

“I believe that the produce stand is a really great option for students because there are healthy foods available,” said Crow.

Crow also appreciates that these events allow students to see that Sodexo cares about the quality of the food and dining options provided on-campus. 

“I think opportunities and events like this allow students to see Sodexo put forth an effort to better on-campus dining by showing that they provide fresh, sustainable resources for healthier food options,” said Crow. “It helps to encourage students to learn to develop healthier eating habits.”

There will be two more produce stands held during the spring semester on Feb. 22 and March 29. 

Students interested in learning more about what Sodexo has to offer this semester can follow them on Instagram @libertydining and check out the Liberty University event calendar. Other information about Sodexo can be found at

Smith is a news reporter. 

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