Student Activities Collaborates With Third Wave COffee To Host Workshop

The winter season is a time for a latte fun. Spending time with family and friends by a lit fireplace on a cold day with a hot cup of coffee. What else could be better?  

Well, imagine this: coming home for Christmas break and being able to make a delicious pour-over coffee that will not only impress the entire family but also take your coffee game to a new level. 

Third Wave Coffee helped Liberty students make this dream a reality through a coffee brewing workshop hosted by Student Activities Nov. 18. 

The workshop, held in the LaHaye Event Space from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., drew around 25 Liberty students. Third Wave Manager Austin Bowers, who taught the event, explained why Third Wave decided to teach a workshop this year.

“We thought it would be a really great way to connect with the students (and) show them more details about coffee. We’ve been wanting to do more events … but we just didn’t have the platform to do it in,” Bowers said. “So, doing it with Student  Activities under a workshop allows us to know that the students are interested in learning and be able to have individual time to answer questions and teach them about coffee that we might not be able to in  the store.” 

Each student who participated picked out a mug and used intricate pour-over equipment to brew their own coffee using Third Wave’s Colombian coffee grounds. The students mastered using a coffee grinder and an AeroPress and left knowing how to make pour-over coffee anytime and anywhere.  

Liberty student Brandon Marshall said he loved diving deeper into his coffee-brewing hobby with the help of the workshop. 

“I’ve been really into coffee for the past couple years … but there were some processes that I just didn’t know how to do, like AeroPress, which is what we  were learning,” Marshall said. “I was genuinely curious because I wanted to expand my knowledge even more because it’s just a  hobby (that) I’m really interested in.”  

After students made their own cup of pour-over coffee, they had a Q&A session with Bowers. He not only answered any questions the students had about the coffee industry but also gave them insight on the different tastes, textures and styles of coffee.

Bowers shared that Third Wave purchases coffee grounds from countries all over the world and encouraged students to try coffee grounds and flavors they had not experienced before. 

For more information on other workshops or upcoming events, students can check out Student Activities’ website at

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