Alumni Rally for Heartbeat Bill

In the heart of the nation’s capital, on the bustling streets outside the Supreme Court building, people gathered Nov. 1 to hear arguments broadcasted through speakers from opposing sides in the United States v. Texas case.

Among those gathered, Liberty University had 15 alumni advocating for the Heartbeat Bill. They came for various work-related purposes, but they were all there to further the pro-life movement. 

One of the Liberty alumna in attendance was Chelsea Sobolik, the director of policy at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which is part of the Southern Baptist Convention. She was present at the pro-life rally hosted by the Texas attorney general Ken Paxton during the court hearings. Sobolik was pleased to be surrounded by so many Liberty alumni during the hearing.

“I was deeply encouraged to see my fellow alumni outside the court today, standing up for the lives of vulnerable little ones in the womb,” Sobolik said. 

On Sept. 9, the Biden Administration sued Texas in a civil lawsuit for recently passing the Heartbeat Bill, which the administration views as unconstitutional.

This bill was enacted by Texas’ governor Greg Abbott on Sept. 1, 2021. It bans abortion for anyone, no matter the circumstances of conception, after the sixth week of pregnancy. This is the first time abortion restrictions have been successfully implemented since Roe v. Wade passed in 1973.

On Nov. 1, the Supreme Court gathered to hear the stances and reasonings for both sides in the lawsuit for the first time since the Biden Administration officially filed the suit.

 “As Christians, we believe that every life has innate dignity and worth, and we are striving for a world where abortion is unnecessary and unthinkable,” Sobolik said. “We want to care deeply for women and their pre-born children, and I was grateful to be surrounded by my colleagues at the court today.”       

As of Monday, Nov. 1, the Supreme Court is done hearing oral arguments and is expected to release opinions sometime next year. 

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