Student Activities Prepares for Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse — a popular and well-loved event for Liberty students — will return Dec. 4 with the theme “Merry & Bright.”

The annual high-energy celebration is a staple to Liberty culture.

However, before the show can begin, tryouts must be held for students and acts looking to be featured at Coffeehouse. 

The show is built on these tryouts. On Oct. 18, 19, 21 and 23, students will perform musical acts and dance routines in the LaHaye Event Space, looking to get picked to perform in the Vines Center in front of thousands of peers. 

“You’re coming ready like you’re actually performing the day of Coffeehouse that way we can get the whole effect and evaluation of what your act is,” said Student Activities Event Supervisor Justin Gibble. 

Junior Colton Williams is auditioning for his third Coffeehouse after being accepted into two previous shows. 

“I’m doing a mashup of a few popular Christmas songs with six other people,” said Williams. “It’s kind of a rock-style arrangement and should be super fun.”

The group has been rehearsing regularly and practicing via video chat leading up to the event, according to Williams.

“We want all kinds of acts that are talented; our student body is incredibly talented,” Gibble said.

Video submissions are also being received until Oct. 24.

“Video submissions [are] just another way that we can reach talented Liberty students,” said Gibble. “Obviously not everybody is very musically inclined, but some people have insane abilities to edit video and it’s just another very creative outlet.”   

Ultimately, Coffeehouse is a time to get excited and build community in a unique way. 

“Everyone gets a chance to see some of the talent at Liberty that sometimes goes unnoticed,” said Williams. “[It’s] just a fun way to spend an evening with friends near the end of a semester.”

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