Champion’s Choice: Our Picks for Football Versus UMass

That was a close one. It looked like the Flames would lose to North Texas based off their first half performance, but the comeback brought on by Bennett and the return of Willis gave the Flames a 35-26 win. Now, they turn to UMass.  

Luke Randle (6-2)

The Flames were very poor to start, and the offensive line does not look good. Still, it is UMass. I know we cannot write off opponents, but UMass at home? We should win. 

Liberty 49, UMass 13

Christian Shields (6-2)

Despite struggling the past two weeks against LA-Monroe and UNT, Liberty’s offense still has the potential to be lethal. Mix in the fact that Liberty is playing the one-win UMass Minutemen and the team currently holds a 14-game win streak at Williams Stadium — the Flames should be able to easily dispatch the Minutemen. 

Liberty 45, UMass 10

Jarrett Harper (6-2)

I would love to pick a 40-point blowout win for Liberty, but the last two games have not been very reassuring. Liberty will still win, but it might be closer than most would like against a bad UMass team. 

 Liberty 42, UMass 24

Cameron Satterthwaite II (6-2)

In the past few seasons, UMass has not had much success against Liberty. The Minuetmen’s only win was against UConn. The Flames should continue their dominance this weekend. 

Liberty 35, UMass 14

Zac Zehnder (6-2)

I do not trust Liberty. The team has been unpredictable all season. However, it is UMass. We are better, and we will show it.

Liberty 45, UMass 10

Joshua Lipowski (6-2)

There is no reason to think that Liberty is going to blow this one. UMass is potentially the worst FBS team out there, and Liberty could use a clean win heading into the final stretch of tough games. The better the wins, the better the bowl game Liberty gets into. 

Liberty 49, UMass 7

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