LU Eats App Takes Place of Grubhub Across All On-campus Dining Locations

On Sept. 7 Sodexo launched the mobile ordering app, LU Eats, in an effort to shorten the long lines at on-campus food locations.

Liberty students are not strangers to mobile food ordering apps. Throughout the 2020 to 2021 school year, students could order food to-go through Grubhub. 

But LU Eats has the upper hand over Grubhub, as there will be no service fees for orders. 

“LU Eats, does not charge a service fee, like Grubhub did,” Sodexo District Manager Duke Davis explained. “So, one of the goals for us is to really have a platform where students can use their phone to place their orders and be notified when their order is ready.”

LU Eats is also programmed with the same software as on-campus dining. This means the orders do not have to go to a third-party server but will stay in-house, which will minimize glitches.

Sodexo is introducing the app in phases. The first phase started Sept. 7 in the Jerry Falwell Library with Einstein Bagels, Auntie Anne’s, Pizza Hut and Argo Tea. They will then look to include the Tilley Student Center, which includes Subconnection, South Street Cheesesteaks, Farmer’s Field, Dunkin Donuts, Natural! and Chick-Fil-A. 

Montview Student Union is scheduled to be third on the list for locations available on the LU Eats app. Slim Chickens will be last, due to their grand opening on Sept. 15.

The app can be downloaded on all major software app stores, by searching “Transact Mobile Ordering”, then searching “Liberty University” on the app.

Gora is the asst. news editor. Follow him on Twitter at @kevgora.

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