Former Chief of Staff to Mike Pence Speaks to Helms School of Government

Marc Short, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, spoke to students in Liberty University’s Helms School of Government on Sept. 16. 

In his talk, he shared about his experience working in the field of politics. 

In addition to working for Vice President Pence, Short served as the Director of Legislative Affairs for former President Trump. In this role, Short worked to pass prominent items on the administration’s agenda, such as tax cuts and the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

During his time speaking to students, Short said he focused on current events and legislation moving through Congress, including tax increases and large spending bills. More importantly, Short said he wanted to teach students how to think through these issues themselves. 

“I hope my presentations are less about giving the students the answer and more about helping students think through a problem,” Short said. “Hopefully it’s more about teaching students how to work through a problem than sitting back and listening to a lecture.”  

Short spoke to students in multiple government classes during his visit, including constitutional government and free enterprise, introduction to criminal justice and American constitutional history. Additionally, Short talked with students at an event for the Young Americans for Freedom Club held in Liberty’s Law School. 

Short had advice for students who want to work in politics one day. 

“We need good people in public service,” Short explained. “Find the right person to work for, find somebody who shares your worldview, and you will find the work much more enjoyable. For me, just working in the political field is not as fun as when you’re actually lined up with someone who shares your values and shares the commitments you have.”

This was not Short’s first visit to Liberty’s campus. Last April, in addition to speaking to government classes, he participated in the Equity for Africa Summit hosted by the School of Business and spoke at an event hosted by the Liberty University School of Law.

The Dean of the Helms School of Government Robert Hurt was grateful to Short for visiting and sharing with students. 

“We really put a premium on having people with real world experience share and engage with the students,” Hurt said. “We believe that while the textbooks and classroom learning are vitally important, there is so much value in bringing someone in who shows students how to put their academics into action and inspire them.” 

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