Opinion: What Roles Do Women Play In Leadership?

Christianity is often criticized for being sexist or chauvinistic toward women. However, the Bible portrays a special position for females in the church and society. Christian women should have a major role in evangelizing and be able to serve because they share the same objective as Christian men: to fulfill God’s commandments. Men are not biblically the superior or dominant gender — they just have different responsibilities. Every human is on an equal playing field according to God, distinguished only by their salvation and faith in Christ. 

The notion that women should be “silent” in church, found in 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:3, refers specifically to instances of the church and marriage. Without looking at the context, these verses seem overbearing. Outside of church, God has used many women to spread the Word and lead others biblically. 

Throughout the Bible, women have played a key role in fulfilling God’s plan. They have also held positions of leadership and responsibilities in spreading the Gospel.

Although Paul discouraged women having overt, authoritative involvement in the church, he acknowledges the female workers in the church and their efforts to further the message of Christ.

In Romans 16:1, Paul mentions Phoebe, a female deacon or servant in the church. In other books, he refers to woman that held churches in their houses, such as Nympha in Colossians 4:15 and Chloe in 1 Corinthians 1:11. 

Beth Moore is a popular female evangelist and author who does not pastor a church but speaks, often on controversial topics, to Christian men and women listeners at her large events. On Twitter, she cited John 4, Romans 16 and the Great Commission as validation for women to evangelize and spread the Gospel.   

Deborah was the judge—a political leader—over Israel in Judges 4. Countless women in American politics proclaim to be believers, and some have used their authority for biblical service to their constituents. 

Former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is a Christian who uses her political role on the world stage to defend the nation of Israel as the Bible encourages in Isaiah 60:12. The website for the  Christian Broadcasting Network quoted her saying, “… God has blessed America with greatness and with goodness and I know that in the dangerous world we live in, it is absolutely critical for America to stand up and have the backs of our friends.”

These women of faith have integrated their beliefs into their political leadership and fulfilled biblical commands in the

Women have a biblical role in society from helping within the church to fulfilling the Great Commission. The Bible encourages all Christians — both male and female — to follow the commands of God in telling others about Him. Women can use avenues such as serving in church and political appointments to accomplish this charge. Females from cover to cover in the Bible have been used by God, and they will continue to be used by Him in the future, as they are obedient in following his leading in their lives.

Keaton Browder is an Opinion Writer. Follow him on LinkedIn at @KeatonBrowder.


  • Excellent article and timely as everyone is needed to carry the gospel forth. A woman who knows and understands Gods word would not try to replace a man in his world and men should learn to accept and respect women who want to serve God in whatever way they feel called of God. I respect Keaton for his writing ability and giving opinion and facts (scripture) to support the same.

  • I have been studying this subject and researched the scriptures referenced as evidence that woman can speak in the church. I found that none of these are woman speaking in the church. They were servants in the church or held church at their house. I have not found any evidence to support woman speaking in the church. Outside the church there were plenty of examples of woman doing Gods work just not in the church with men present.

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