Jerry Falwell Library Accepts Food Donations In Place Of Paying Overdue Fines

The Jerry Falwell Library is offering a special alternative to paying outstanding library fines for students. 

The fine forgiveness program started April 19 and will run until May 5. Students have the opportunity to bring in food donations instead of paying their overdue library fines. 

“We try not to bill students as regularly at this point in the semester, so this event is a great alternative,” Supervisor of Borrowing Services Esther Stein said. “At the end of the year, a lot of students have extra food items laying around that they need to get rid of before move-out anyway, like packages of Ramen Noodles or cans of soup.”

All food brought in goes to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, so students are not the only ones who benefit from this method of repayment.

“We asked the food bank of Lynchburg if this would be beneficial to them, and they said that it would be very helpful,” Stein said. 

Donations should be unopened, nonperishable items. The food items can be canned goods, boxed food items or plastic containers of food. No glass containers are allowed. Canned vegetables and soups, jars of peanut butter, boxed macaroni and cheese or spaghetti and packages of rice are examples of items that are accepted. 

“We have done this event in the past, and it was well-received, so we wanted to do it again,” Stein said. “So far, we have over 50 items donated by students.”

One nonperishable food item is equivalent to $2 of fine forgiveness. Students are allowed to bring up to $30 worth, or 15 food items total. 

This event is not limited to those with overdue fines. The Library encourages all students to donate food as they feel led to. 

“Some of the food donations we received were from students who simply wanted to support the cause,” Stein said. 

Food donations should be dropped off at the Jerry Falwell Library’s Customer Service Center between 1 and 9 p.m. 

Olivia Hallacker is a New Reporter.

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