President Prevo: Liberty Is An Institution Of Gospel-Centered Change

When folks ask me what I consider to be the most important asset at Liberty University, here’s my answer: the student body.

Since stepping into my current role as President, I’ve had the blessed opportunity to walk with, pray with, laugh with and learn from you, the students.

By God’s grace, it’s the students who give Liberty University purpose. It’s the students who go out on foot and minister to the hurting through mission trips and service opportunities. It’s the students who I see praying with their peers when navigating life’s challenges. 

This last year presented a host of challenges for Liberty University. But there is no adversity or trial that God cannot redeem. He continues to protect this University, this beacon of truth, as we train, equip, and commission ambassadors of the Kingdom to all corners of the world.

As reported here in this issue of The Champion, Liberty University’s School of Business and the Standing for Freedom Center partnered together to host a major summit called “Equity for Africa.” 

This summit brought together, both in-person and through videoconferencing, key African business and government leaders, such as the President of Ghana, a vice President from Nigeria, the governor of South Sudan, and many others from across the continent. They discussed economic growth opportunities within Africa and Christianity’s role in developing a nation and a people.

 The fact that our School of Business envisioned and carried out this event speaks volumes about the leadership of the Business School, the Standing for Freedom Center, and Liberty’s reputation abroad. 

Liberty is not just an ordinary Christian university; it is an institution of Gospel-centered change.

Despite the challenges we faced this year, this summit was just one of many successes our students, faculty and staff have achieved across the fields of academics, athletics and spiritual life.

Liberty is not just an ordinary Christian university; it is an institution of Gospel-centered change.

Dr. Jerry Prevo
Photo by Joel Coleman – Liberty Photography

God can redeem anything. That theological truth can get ingrained in each of us as we re-listen to the Bible stories many of us heard as young children: 

Through David and Goliath, we learn that even the greatest threats are no threat at all with Christ as our advocate.

Through Esther, we see that courage will triumph in the face of injustice.

Through Daniel, we see that faithfulness to God will not go unrecognized. 

Students, it is my honor to lead you and the extraordinary faculty and staff of Liberty University through this season of change, growth and spiritual refocus. I find encouragement in your lives, and I look forward to getting to serve you well even as we head into Commencement and the end of the Spring semester. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, please reach out to me through my staff in the President’s Office.

Jerry Prevo is the acting president of Liberty University. Follow him on Twitter @JerryPrevoLU


  • I enjoy reading the Liberty Champion, but I have a problem with the small type. I wear eye glasses. I am sure you can resolve this

  • Donna Williams Smith

    Help me please!

    Am I misunderstanding this article by President Prevo?

    Please help me with this…is the Gospel Centered “change” the positional change that seems aparent in the post?

    Has Dr. Prevo put the students first (on the top), and relegated the mention of Gods’ role last (at the bottom of the post)?

    Please comment

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