Liberty Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. Over Alleged Contract Breach

Liberty University filed a lawsuit against former university president Jerry Falwell Jr. alleging he breached his contract. 

The lawsuit claims that Falwell withheld information that could have been potentially damaging for the university while negotiating his new contract with the board under false pretenses in 2019. The suit was filed on Thursday April 15 as the Board of Trustees were set to begin their semiannual meetings. The lawsuit seeks tens of millions in damages. 

After Falwell resigned from his position as university president last fall, he sued the school for defamation. That lawsuit, however, was dropped later in the year. 

In a statement to the New York Times, Falwell claimed that the  new lawsuit was “full of lies and half-truths.”

The Board also voted during the meeting on a new Chairman of the Board, selecting Texas Evangelist Tim Lee, a long-time member of the Board and a regular Convocation speaker. Lee will take the place of Allen McFarland, who served a one-year term as chairman after then Chairman Jerry Prevo became acting President of Liberty University. 

Savanna Graves is the News Editor. Follow her on Twitter at @SavannaLeigh.

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