Todd Starnes Brings Show To Newly Remodeled Campus Radio Station

Former FOX News radio show host Todd Starnes recently relocated his national radio show to a studio in Liberty University’s Green Hall. Starnes started his radio show in 2005 and worked with Fox for over a decade. Five years ago, Liberty approached Starnes in hopes of promoting the university on his show, a partnership that eventually led to his move from Memphis, Tennessee to Lynchburg, Virginia.

“(The University) approached us about doing our show in the studio on campus, and we respect the mission of Liberty University, which is to build up and grow up a generation of Champions,” Starnes explained. “And so that was a really compelling invitation to us and we were honored for the invitation.”

Starnes’ previously spoke at Convocation in 2014 and 2017, both times strongly encouraging students to stand up for their faith and the freedoms they enjoy in this nation.

Starnes’ show focuses on First Amendment issues, specifically surrounding religious liberty. 

“It troubles me when I see people silenced because of their beliefs,” Starnes said.

The radio host also emphasizes his desire to have fun on the show, a goal he hopes will make people laugh as well as think about the issues at hand. 

“I have a standing rule,” Starnes said. “Callers that disagree with my opinion go to the front of the line.”

Starnes explains that spirited debate on his show is a driving force that leads to great discussions and a demonstration of friendship amidst differing opinions. 

The FOX News alum has been known to report and discuss Christian issues in politics, making his new home at Liberty a very integral one to the beliefs of his team and the university. Starnes explained that he hopes to introduce the nation to a different side of the university that national news doesn’t often cover. 

“LU has some incredible professors and staff,” Starnes said. “We are proud to utilize them as guests on our show to talk about the big issues of the day…We also want to salute LU students who are making a difference in our nation.”

His guests have included congressional, conservative and religious leaders.  One of the Liberty faculty members that Starnes hopes to interview is Dave Brat, Dean of Liberty’s School of Business.

“What I really appreciate about interviewing him is that he takes those big, economic and financial concepts and he brings them down to a level that the average person can understand,” Starnes said. “And I think for me that’s going to be an exciting thing to get him on the show.”

Starnes will record his show in Green Hall near 90.9 The Light, giving students the opportunity to see the operation of a professional radio show.

“It’s great to have him here because you’ve got the professional aspect of it and we can show that to students and show them what professional radio looks like,” said Steven Stilwell, media lab coordinator and head of 90.9 The Light.

The Todd Starnes show goes live Monday through Friday from 12:05 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST. The free podcast of the show is available on his website,

Asher Notheis is a News Reporter. Follow him on Twitter at @AsherNotheis.

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  • Yvonne Anita Eichler

    Good morning. I enjoy your show. Thank you for your work. If possible I’d like to hear more about Venezuela. As a legal immigrant and being unable to return to this at one time prosperous country I know that it once had great universities. I’d love to hear from some of them what it is like now living in a communist country. I think anyone who had the means left but still a lot of people remained. I think it’s important for American youth to understand that communist promises are empty ones. Under communism everyone, regardless of race and color, are equally poor. Thank you again.

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