Q+A With SGA Candidates

Editor’s note: We gave each campaign the same questions. Responses were given by each ticket’s presidential candidate

Gus and Cody:

What are your main platform points?

Gus: Safety and Security are very dear to our hearts. Everyone deserves to have greater peace of mind and to feel comfortable on our campus. Being safe does not mean that we cannot strive to be safer. As a Christian college, there are misleading assumptions made that imply that safety is not an issue because safety issues do not arise. However, that is not necessarily true. 

Although Liberty University does a great job at keeping the student body safe, there is much untapped potential in the realm of providing the student body with a sense of security. As Christians we are called to be above reproach, and the best way for us to do that is to make sure that our campus reflects the safety and security that we promise every student. 

We desire to focus on Student Government and Liberty University’s image and involvement on campus and in the local community. Attempting to change the hours of certain departments to meet the needs of the student body more accurately and more reasonably. We feel that most of the time when there is a problem on campus, there is already an existing solution. We want to continue to work on promoting our great resources offered to students and bridge the gaps of information and awareness.

What makes you and your running mate work well together?

Gus: We understand each other well because of our similarities, such as interests and academic focuses. However, we also complement each other well because of the differences in our backgrounds and personalities. 

Cody comes from a military background, whereas I come from a heavy administrative background. Furthermore, Cody is very levelheaded, and I am very passionate; together these two traits strengthen each other well.

Why should students vote for you?

Gus: People should vote for us because we are both qualified for the positions, have immense passion for serving the student body and have a campaign platform that is relevant to students of all backgrounds. We are both critical thinkers that are ready to stand up for student needs and advocate for policies that benefit every student. 

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Evan and Jess:

What are your main platform points?

Evan: Our main platform points include Passion, Audacity and Integrity. Passion includes aspects to strengthen student leadership such as CGLs, RAs and RSs and improving clubs’ processes and funding.

With audacity, we are going to advocate for improving various student services such as Health and Wellness Center hours, accessibility to mental health services at LU and in the community, improving dining options for those with dietary restrictions and improving Grubhub functionality, and different safety measures across campus such as increased lighting in dark areas and cameras in parking lots. 

We also have policies covering transparency and clarity in certain fees on financial check in, emails when students are towed on campus, and accessibility and increase information on Title IX procedures and operations. Our last point covers integrity – serving the student body, representing students to administration, and representing Liberty to the world all with the utmost integrity. That’s a vague explanation, but more specifics can be found on our social media and website.

What makes you and your running mate work well together?

Evan: First, we both served an entire year in the executive branch, working together on clubs’ policies and other avenues to engage students with the resources the University has to offer. 

I think open communication has been very important. If one of us has an idea or an issue with something, we just let the other know. Also, Jess never wears her glasses and she can’t see well far away and I have great eyesight so that works out nicely.

Why should students vote for you?

Evan: All the campaigns this year are great people and have a heart for the school. What sets the two of us apart is our experience in the executive branch; being in Constance and Joel’s cabinet, we’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t work – and more importantly, WHY it does or doesn’t. Because of this experience, we can hit the ground running and tackle our promised policy points from day one in office. But in addition to this we still want to hear from students and be accessible and available to them. We’re still students, but we want to work hard to ensure every voice can be heard.

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Shea and Cade:

What are your main platform points?

Shea: We are running on an advocacy platform for campus change, meaning that we want to advocate for change without overpromising.

Our policy includes adding a laundry swipe option, being active in the pro-life community and fighting for girls who seek out Title IX, having a great sports tradition and having more watch parties for away games, easing the process for club presidents so they can run the best club possible, and lastly pushing for more accessible counseling services.

What makes you and your running mate work well together?

Shea: We balance each other out. Due to different personalities such as the fact that I am incredibly high energy and Cade is calmer we are able to relate to all types of students. Our business relationship has blossomed into a very supportive and uplifting friendship. 

Throughout the campaign process we have learned to communicate and support each other. The respect we have for each other is key to the foundation of our relationship and leadership over our team.

Why should students vote for you?

Shea: When students read our policy, it is evident that it was crafted by experts in their field. We believe our policy is well developed, practical and feasible because we consulted those who will be affected the most by it. Additionally, most of our free time is spent outside of the typical student government areas of interest, whether that be me on the gymnastics team or Cade recording his podcast. In this way we believe that we are relatable to the majority of students who are not a part of student government.

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