Liberty Alumna Kerri Kupec Speaks To School Of Government Students

Liberty School of Law alumna Kerri Kupec spoke to students, prospective students and families about her extensive field experience in law and politics during February’s CFAW event.

After graduating from Liberty’s law school in 2011, Kupec spent four years working as a legal counsel and communications director for the Alliance Defending Freedom, the world’s largest religious freedom legal advocacy organization. During her time there, she had the opportunity to work in media relations on many high-profile Supreme Court cases.

In 2018, Kupec took the position of director of the Office of Public Affairs at the United States Department of Justice. Most recently, Kupec additionally served as counselor to former Attorney General William Barr.

Kupec spoke to Liberty students on Friday, February 26. During her visit, she spoke with students in GOVT 200 Constitutional Government and Free Enterprise, and CJUS 200 Intro to Criminal Justice. Both sessions were moderated by the Dean of the Helms School of Government Robert Hurt. 

“Anytime we can host somebody who has been in the trenches to speak to our students, we jump at the opportunity,” Dean Hurt said. “She has wide experience in advocating for truth and justice. We are honored to have her with us.”

During the class sessions, Kupec spoke about her personal story, her career experience and gave students aspiring to work in politics and criminal justice encouragement as they prepare for professional life. She devoted a large portion her time with the students talking about courage and standing up for what is right – even when it is not popular.

“Courage is a muscle that you build like anything else,” Kupec told the students. “Courage is contagious. When people see you acting with courage, they feel they can do the same.”

Kupec urged the students to start exercising courage now. 

When discussing what she wanted students to take away from her visit, Kupec said that she hoped students would realize that learning to have courage and stand up for truth is not something that happens overnight. She recalled learning to do this when she was in college. As the only outspoken conservative in her Political Science classes at C.U.N.Y. Queens College, Kupec said she was forced to learn how to stand up for her beliefs in an effective way while still understanding the perspectives
of others. 

“If you can get people who disagree with you to even consider your point of view that is already a win,” Kupec said.  

Kupec also discussed the many lessons and skills she learned while studying at Liberty and how she has carried them with her into her career. She mentioned working as a research assistant to the former Dean of Liberty’s Law School Bruce Green and his impact on her. She recalled the emphasis he put on the value of history and philosophy as related to modern day politics along with his careful attention to detail
and accuracy.

According to Dean Hurt, Kupec’s message for students was a timely and important one. 

“Her message was inspirational as well as aspirational,” Dean Hurt said. “She emphasized the importance of standing up for your beliefs and exhibited a great drive to do good. That is a large part of what we try to teach our students here every day.” 

Allen Moro is a News Reporter.

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