Liberty Adjusts Spring Break Schedule

Liberty University students will not be spending a mid-semester break on the beach, but most students will be in the Jerry Falwell Library, continuing their studies.

The change in the semester schedule was announced prior to winter break, when the university explained that the break for Thanksgiving and Christmas would be extended even further to make up for the annual Spring break that has been cancelled. While the news came as a shock and a disappointment to most students, Scott Hicks, the Provost of the university, explained that the usual week of break was replaced with “a lighter week.”

“Class attendance will still be required,” Hicks explained. “But you will likely not have any major assignments due.”

Though the break was cancelled, school officials announced in mid-February extra days off for the Easter break. The original schedule had Easter holiday set for Thursday, April 1– Sunday, April 4. The change added the following Monday to the break, giving students a five day weekend. 

Though the original Spring break was cancelled, students can look forward to a lighter workload and a multitude of events over the week of March 14–March 19. 

Student activities will be hosting an open mic night, a virtual concert, and a movie screening during the week. Campus Recreation will also be offering cheaper games at the Montview Bowling Alley, as well as sales on personal training packages and pro shop items. 

Savanna Graves is the News Editor. Follow her on Twitter at @SavannaLeigh.

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