Jerry Falwell Library Adds NEw Desks That Allow Students To Exercise And Study

Breaking a sweat while turning textbook pages is now a possibility at the Jerry Falwell Library with the addition of  Fit Desks.

The library added four Fit Desks on the terrace level during the summer of 2020, allowing students to work out while remaining productive. The desks feature pedal straps for students to lock their feet in, adjustable height for the desk level, a monitor to track the cycled time, a cup holder and a prop to hold books. 

Cindy Schmidt, head of communications and outreach at the Jerry Falwell Library, says the library’s student advisory council recommended the purchase of the Fit Desks. 

“We actually purchased them out of some funding that we had and they are here to stay,” Schmidt said. “The reception from students has been good.”

The students are not the only ones who appreciate the inclusion of the Fit Desks. Megan Walter, a Liberty staff member who graduated in December, enjoys how the fit desks let her exercise while completing her office work. 

“Working a 9-5, you don’t get a lot of exercise in,” Walter said. “And we don’t have anything like this at Green Hall, so I was like, ‘If I’m going to go work in the library, might as well.’”

According to Schmidt, other additions to the library include a Lactation Pod from Mamava and a water bottle filling station on the terrace level as well as the second-floor bridge receiving extra seating and more power outlets. More water bottle filling stations are coming later this spring.  

Aside from books, the library has increased the number of non-traditional items it lends. These items range from calculators to mixing bowls, jumper cables and toolboxes. Some of the more unusual items include ukuleles, telescopes and even an ice cream maker.

During the academic school year, the library monitored what items were popular in the non-traditional collection and has continued to add new items. The library noticed an increase in smaller items like board games and cooking equipment. Schmidt said when the opportunity came to purchase more rental options, they acquired items related to the popular ones.

According to Schmidt, the library wants to provide resources for students both in and out of the classroom.

“You can just check them out with your Flames Card, just like you do with any other materials,” Schmidt explained. “As long as you return them on time (after three days), there is no charge for them.”

Asher Notheis is a News Reporter. Follow him on Twitter at @AsherNotheis.

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