LU School Of Music Plans To Hold Worship Project During CFAW

The Liberty University School of music will hold its annual Worship Lifestyle Project event over College For a Weekend Feb. 25-27, inviting prospective students to share how worship intertwines with life through writing, speech and musical performance. 

Two different tracks are available for participants with different skill sets to compete in the event. Track one requires a written essay on a lifestyle of worship submitted online that culminates in the presentation of the paper as a speech during CFAW. 

Track two allows prospective students to enter by submitting a short written testimony, and delivering an in-person performance of a Christian song or hymn at the event.

The winners of both track one and two will be invited to perform their speech and song during the School of Music’s Revive event Feb. 27 at 3 p.m. 

Lucas Meinerding  won the worship and music track of the competition in 2019 with his acoustic-pop version of the popular hymn Amazing Grace. 

“I still remember the moment they announced that I had won,” Meinerding recalled. “I was totally shocked. There was some really good competition, and I thought I didn’t really have a chance.”

Meinerding said that the scholarship prize he received from the competition “sealed the deal” in his decision to attend Liberty. 

The event allows prospective students to experience the Liberty School of Music through an academic and performance oriented setting, connect with those already involved and express what worship means to them and how to integrate it in daily life through their chosen medium.

Kayleigh Hamer is a Copy Editor. View her LinkedIn profile here.

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