Jerry Falwell Library Hosts “De-Stress” Events During Finals Week

Exam time brings a higher volume of students to the library to study, and often increases students stress levels. The Jerry Falwell Library staff is working to help lower the pressure of the season.

Since 2015, the JFL works to serve students during exam time with an event called “De-Stress for Exams”.

“The event gives the student a chance to relax as stress ramps up during exam week,” event coordinator Hannah Lowder said. “It is an idea that’s been around and used in other university libraries.”

The event holds different contests, giveaways and activities all designed around de-stressing the students. One of the more popular activities is “cuteness therapy”, where people share pictures of their pets with each other.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the JFL is still holding the event virtually. The first type of virtual events were held at the end of last semester after students were sent home to finish their spring semester online.

“Turnout was great for it being the first time online,” Lowder said. “We flipped all the activities to online using our social media accounts.  It was nice to have that under our belt for at least one time to see what worked and what was popular.”

The events begin on Dec. 9 and goes until Dec. 15. Events will include a candy guessing game where the student guesses how many pieces of candy are in the jar for the chance to win the candy itself and a $50 Amazon gift card. Other events include the Cuteness Therapy and a time to share favorite encouraging Bible verses.

 “I was very surprised by how interactive everyone was last semester,” Lowder said. “I am hoping that it is just as big this semester.”

She said, “We are looking forward to this event. It is something that we have been working towards for half the semester. We are very excited.”

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Daniel Ellis is a Feature Reporter. Follow him on Twitter at @dnaieltyler.

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