Hattie’s Hangout: Kamala Harris in Office Should Not Be Celebrated

The first female Vice President-elect — Kamala Harris — is not a win for women. It’s a tragedy.

When the media decided to call the 2020 election in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the uproar of celebration for Sen. Harris being named the first Black female vice president struck everyone’s social media feeds. Excited Americans even flocked to Susan B. Anthony’s grave, who played a vital role in the women’s suffrage movement in the late 1800s, placing “I voted” stickers all across the memorial along with flowers and Biden/Harris pins. 

The defacing of Anthony’s grave was an ironic sight, for the mass majority of Americans must have forgotten Anthony’s bold stance against abortion as they celebrated Harris, who believes it’s okay to kill unborn women living in the womb.

In a speech given by Anthony in 1885, the famous suffragist likened the act of abortion to those of wife murderers and rapists, calling out “this monster evil of society” that suppressed the voices of women. Sadly, many people refuse to remember the legacy of Anthony and what she actually stood for. Instead, they pushed aside history to celebrate a woman who stands for immoral policies that might make Anthony physically role over in her grave.

As a woman, why would I celebrate someone who believes the killing of my female peers is okay? 

As a woman, I am saddened that Harris has been put on a pedestal for her accomplishments, which are marred by the bloodstains of women who never had the chance to live. 

Where was this celebration for women like Condoleezza Rice, the first Black woman to serve as the U.S. Secretary of State? I never heard this sound of applause when Sarah Palin ran alongside John McCain for the presidential election in 2008. How about more recently, when Amy Coney Barrett had to defend herself against ruthless liberal senators that neglected to applaud such an accomplished woman in the legal field? 

None of these women, who are all accomplished in their own right, ever received the same level of acclamation that people have showered over potential VP-elect Harris, noting that this praise comes before the electoral college’s official voting on the presidential winner, which takes place in December. What is the difference? Aren’t each of these women who have paved a way for their success worthy of dignified recognition?

It seems that the only time people scream out praise for a female trailblazer is if she is a left-leaning, pro-abortion, “women’s rights” activist.

As a Christian woman, I have very little to celebrate in the accomplishments of Harris, who boldly rejects the biblical worldview on life and where it comes from. 

Hattie Troutman.

Harris’ political career rides on the delight of killing unborn babies, supporting the federal funding of Planned Parenthood, who is responsible for the murder of over 300,000 unborn babies per year. She also pushed for pro-life centers to compromise on their mission by enforcing free abortion advertisements outside their clinics when she served as the Attorney General of California. As a senator, Harris sponsored one of the most extreme abortion legislations in history that sought to remove restrictions on late term abortions. If Biden and Harris take the oval office in January, the trampling of human life in the womb will only continue as they both plan to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which keeps our federal tax dollars from directly funding abortions. 

Yes, it is incredible to see women rise in leadership positions across the U.S. government, but as a woman who holds to a Christian faith, I will always stand behind candidates that hold to those same convictions, not because they are female or in a minority. 

We live in a country that is ripe for opportunity for anyone no matter their race or gender. This is evident far before Kamala Harris appeared on the presidential election ballot. I love getting to cheer on women who live boldly and audaciously, but I refuse to celebrate a woman who cares more about her own political career than the lives of women who will never get the same opportunities she received. Where is the celebration in that?

Hattie Troutman is the Editor-in-Chief. Follow her on Twitter at @hattrout.


  • Another well written article by Hattie Troutman! Thank you for boldly speaking truth! Keep it up, sister!

  • Well said Hattie! This is my first time reading one of your articles (and only the 2nd time coming to the Liberty Champion website) so I really appreciate what you wrote.

  • I disagree with this entire article that focuses on one topic. Why do women who disagrees with another womanś approach in the end love to tear them down just because your personal feelings are being validated? Just because she believes it is a womans right to choose does not mean she is killing women, like that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. These could be male babies as well and if they were minority babies, would you feel the same way???? Problably not. Its sad that you Trump supporters cant realize that he only cares about himself and his own agendas What has he done for you other that make you feel like you are superior over all else, but that is not gonna happen cause we have a voice and we will be heard. Then you want to add in Christian values? Stop it that a cover up for a deeper hate!

    • And what about the RIGHTS OF THE UNBORN CHILD, HeatherGivner? Talk about HATE? What kind of coverup do Democrats employ when they EMBRACE Pro Choice under a mask of planned parenthood when it is outside MURDER. As far as Christian values, maybe you should check and see if you are capable of having a faith in something higher than your blind faith in a party that only seeks to further disable the less fortunate in this country. Yes, I said, “disable the less fortunate” by keeping them stuck in a welfare system that cripples them. I was a registered Democrat, but as a mother, could not abide by their blatant disregard for the unborn in this country. If you can abide that, God help you, is all I can say. And regardless of party, no one follows ANY leader in this country blindly or with total devotion. We are all individuals and as individuals, we can make up our minds at any time to support or NOT support anyone in authority over us. Hattie Troutman’s comments are “on the mark”.

    • Heather – Ms. Harris IS killing minority babies. Have you never heard of the origins of the Planned Parenthood corporation? The goal was destruction of minorities and any others who were deemed by the founder of the organization to be “undesirable”.

      The refusal to look at reality and facts fuels the abortion industry’s genocide toward minority communities, especially, and all babies in general.

      Trying to insinuate that pro life advocates are racist is trying to deflect reality. The left is killing innocent minorities, plain and simple. Learn the facts and demand an end to this horrible, Hitleresque slaughter of innocents that is perpetuated by those who endorse and celebrate this wretched practice.

    • Umm Harris is a baby killer that should tell you who she puts first!!!!

    • Heather G.,;
      I am appalled at your harsh words. It seems you belong to their club.
      Abortion is murder. K. Harris, I believe will go down in history and become well known and disrespected for her views on human life.

      Broadcasting hate for President Trump is not your real issue here.
      You either know our Creator or you vote for people who believe murdering the unborN is OK…. which is it?

      I thought so.

    • BRAVO FOR YOU!!! I’m glad someone stood up and said something to these people!! KUDOS to YOU!!!!

    • its okay what you believe …but dragging donald trump in to your reasoning is unnecessary and sad that you chose that avenue to defend your position

    • It is not about being “superior.” As she stated very well in the article, we are all equal in the eyes of God. But what most people forget in our world nowadays is that there are consequences to our actions and the fact that people think it is okay to physically abort a child who can’t speak for themselves is ludicrous. I believe abortion should only be an option for those who have health conditions that don’t allow them to carry a child, or those that are carrying a child that will be very sick as they grow up. If anyone’s “personal feelings” were being violated it was yours because you brought up Trump and how he “hasn’t done anything for any of us.” No one said that but you. Trump did amazing things for our country and would have continued to do so if the liberals could have been involved in a fair election, like there has been since the constitution was put in place. Some people don’t know what tf they are talking about and it makes me not even want to live in America anymore. Who wants to raise children in a country where socialist ideas are being put in place when they state we are a democracy. A democracy is FOR THE PEOPLE!! NOT THE GOVERNMENT and not what THEY want to put into place. It’s really messed up and I just hope things turn around after Biden can’t think for himself anymore but quite frankly who can understand him now lmao.

  • You are entitled to your opinion. That is our right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. But please be reminded that laws of any kind can be brought to the American people for casting of votes yeah or neigh. Americans have the right to petition all branches and agencies of government for action. The Petition Clause in the First Amendment to the US Constitution indicates “the opportunity ….to change existing laws in a peaceful manner”. A democratic system that cannot be shut down. I remember the bombing of an abortion clinic in Alabama in 1990s that resulted in a young nurse losing an eye and having multiple broken bones. This is not acceptable behavior. It solves nothing. Violence still today on every hand and people certainly do not honor God by taking the law into their own hands. Prayers for Congress to seek the LORD God Almighty before any decisions made or laws ratified, making them officially valid.

    • and what about the violence towards the unborn child? You seem to be perfectly all right with that.

      • And what about the violence of your words and tone towards this person who disagrees with you? And your snide accusation about their beliefs? I follow Jesus who preaches non-violence and love. What religion are you?

  • Great article and well spoken. It is hard watching our America celebrate someone who supports the killing of the most venerable. Thank you for speaking out and standing on biblical principles.

  • I applaud you Hattie Troutman for honestly, truthfully and courageously telling the TRUTH. Harris should not be celebrated. What I don’t understand is why the Democratic Party doesn’t just come out and denounce abortion straight out. There are many good aspects of the Democratic Party, such as Environmental Concerns. But any loving Mother in this country; any loving daughter; any loving sister; any loving grandmother; canNOT in good conscience support women who say Pro Choice. Pro Choice is just a coverup for outright MURDER of innocent babies, plain and simple. It’s NOT a choice, it’s murder, and it is taking away the rights of the innocent babies who canNOT speak for themselves. Get this through your head, women of America. Abortion is NOT birth control, it is MURDER. Thank you Hattie for your article.

  • Another well written article. You have truly demonstrated excellent well thought out arguments for your position in not just this article, but other previous ones you have published as well. I look forward to the Champion for Christ that you are becoming through your future published works.

  • You GO, girl!!!!! I am sick and tired of people in positions of influence thinking we are all thoughtless drones who just follow the drum. Now that totalitarian socialists control EVERY avenue of thought: schools, colleges, public television, network television, corporate America, congress, the white house, the internet (google, facebook, twitter, etc. and youtube.. just try to do ANYTHING online without this influence), housing, business, and sadly, yes.. even CHURCHES. There are very few bible-believing churches out there that will confront ANY aspect of the “culture police” without running scared, apologizing and seeking affirmation from the very people they should be standing up against!
    I homeschool our kids and refuse to belong to any church banging the “social justice” or “critical race” bs. We refuse to shop at stores that run with the PRIDE banner (HomeDepot, Target, etc). Be proud of your beliefs and let them shine! Stand up, America! Our founders gave up everything for FREEDOM. There are a WHLE LOT of us out there! Just check out the map of the “Red states” in this 2020 election.

  • I’m so sorry for not keeping up with what’s going on in the world. I truly had no idea how evil this lady is. She has completely fooled tens of thousands of Americans in thinking she is there to serve the American people. Apparently she is unaware of the fact that all those unborn babies are still Americans regardless of whether or not they are inside or outside the womb. The way I see it, if she is so willing to kill so many unborn babies and no one stands up for those babies, it’ll just be that much easier for her to kill someone else who can’t fight for themselves. Especially when it’s her job to represent, stick up for, and speak for all the people who can’t represent, stick up for, and speak for themselves. As far as I’m concerned the only people she represents is left leaning liberals who will vote for her and suck up every lie she seems fit to spew.

  • I do not believe in abortion and I am a Christian black woman. I am curious about how many on this post including Ms. Troutman, believe that my life and the lives of people of color matters as much as yours. There seems to be a tremendous amount of hypocrisy among many Republicans who believe it is wrong to kill babies in the womb (and it is), but who do not decry the killing of innocent children who cross our borders, or black children, men and women murdered by police, and many other policies that do not affirm the humanity of people of color. The hatred and racism that I have heard over the past year from many Republicans who claim to be Christian has been terrifying and mind boggling. I can only pray that WE do not miss heaven fighting for one thing, but forgetting to love as Jesus commanded us to love and to extend love as we have seen in His example. While Trump is another subject, many Republicans celebrate him, but do not recognize that he does not display the fruit of the Spirit that Bible says is evident in a person who is a believer of Christ Jesus.

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