Falkrik Center’s Faith Summit Draws Millions of Viewers From Around the Country

The LaHaye event space sizzled with excitement Thursday as conservatives from around the country gathered to encourage others and hear from notable speakers and activists.

The Faith Summit, hosted by Liberty’s Falkirk Center, held the “Get Louder, Fighting for the Soul of America” conference. The event was closed to the public but broadcast online on America’s Voice News, Falkirk’s YouTube channel and Facebook page and Liberty’s livestream network.   Special guests heard from speakers Gov. Mike Huckabee, Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxas, Phil Kline, Jack Brewer and many others.

Charles Billingsly leads the Faith Summit crowd in worship.

Each of the speakers, whether they were alone on stage or on a panel, encouraged attendees to “get louder” with their faith and convictions. In between speakers, Grammy-Nominated artist and teaching pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church Charles Billingsly led attendees in worship. 

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee gave the opening address and provided both humor and a call to action. The crowd laughed as Huckabee joked about living in the same mansion as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“It was the only time I’ve ever lived in government housing, and it was the only time I’ve ever been evicted,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee then changed his tone, addressing the issue of states that canceled church but allowed businesses like liquor stores to remain open. 

“It’s time we prove to the world that when we worship, it’s not only essential, but fundamental to the preservation of America,” he said.

He finished his keynote address by accepting an invitation from Billingsly to play guitar for a version of “I’ll Fly Away.” 

Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik then took the stage, speaking of her desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Klacik recently made the news for a campaign advertisement exposing the worst parts of Baltimore, Maryland and calling for an accounting of where the tax money has gone.

“I don’t need money, I don’t need notoriety, I just want to help people,” Klacik said.

Helfenbein address a panel of guests.

Pastors David Engelhardt and Rob McCoy fired up the crowd by speaking out against the Black Lives Matter organization and the complacency of the church. Engelhardt spoke out against pastors like Hillsong, New York pastor Carl Lentz who is claiming that racism starts in the church and using the gospel to further the BLM movement. 

“The BLM movement is telling us that salvation will happen to a people based upon an economic shift of opportunity.  Where is that in the gospel?” Engelhardt asked. 

Honored guests also heard from a panel consisting of Charlie Kirk, Erika Frantzve, David Harris Jr., Ryan Helfenbein and Malachi O’Brien. The speakers encouraged attendees to stand out, to not be afraid to speak their views and to be encouraged if they were persecuted.

Helfenbein, the Executive Director of the Falkirk Center, encouraged viewers to speak out in love, but not be so focused on kindness that the gospel is not spoken.

“If you want to be nice to everyone, sell ice cream,” Helfenbein said.

Frantzve, Falkirk Fellow and host of Midweek Rise Up Podcast, went after the kneeling trend currently inhabiting America.

“In a kneeling culture, in a headline culture, we need to stand for Jesus,” Frantzve said.

U.S. House Candidate from Pennsylvania’s 4th District, Kathy Barnette encouraged Christians to be active in their faith.

“One of the overarching reasons we find ourselves in the culture we’re in now is because good people have decided to sit back and wait for somebody else,” Barnette said. 

Brittany Slaughter is the Asst. News Editor. Follow her on Twitter @BSlaughterReal.

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  • It would now be a good time for the The Falkirk Center, a collaboration of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Charlie Kirk, to come to a close. Now that Falwell, Jr. is gone, it’s a good time to pull the plug. Charlie Kirk often has a problem with the facts. He’s well-known for tweeting claims that in fact have no basis in truth.

    I’ve long been embarrassed with the wholesale support by some at LU of Trump without demanding better from him but I still subscribe to the conservative political ethos taught at LU when I was a student. May it continue. But may it do so with honor and integrity.

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