Positive COVID-19 Cases in Decline at Liberty

Liberty has seen a steady and continuous decline in coronavirus cases since a spike three weeks ago. 

The updated dashboard saw the numbers decrease to double digits for the first time since the page went up. After the university broke into the hundreds at the end of September, departments began cracking down on further social distancing guidelines to slow the spread. The spike caused Liberty to post a dashboard on its webpage to update students and staff on the running cases and percentages. 

As of the latest update on Oct. 7, there were 89 students and staff with an active case, a mere 0.39% of campus population. These numbers are down from 141 cases in the middle of September. Quarantine numbers have had a significant cut as well, with 739 students and faculty down from 1,192. 

Dr. Keith Anderson, Executive Director of the Health and Wellness initiatives, continues to urge students to abide by the guidelines in place. 

“We’ve been using the mantra ‘champions together,’” Anderson said at a press conference two weeks ago. “And in order to stay together, we all have to work together to keep our campus safe.”

Liberty continues to update the dashboard every Wednesday. 

Savanna Graves is the News Editor. Follow her on Twitter at @SavannaLeigh.

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