Opinion: Mike Pence is a Leader and a Loyal Right-Hand Man

In the current frenzied and energetic Trump administration, Vice President Mike Pence has been a loyal second-in command that has exemplified poise, character and Christian integrity.

Pence began his political career by practicing law and leading the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, a nonprofit conservative think tank and educational institute. He then began a popular local radio and television broadcast known as “The Mike Pence Show.” In 2000, Pence successfully ran for a seat in the United States House of Representatives for the state of Indiana, where he was elected for six terms. Eventually, the state of Indiana elected him as governor, where he worked from 2013-2016 before being nominated as vice president to President Donald Trump, where he has served since.

As vice president under Donald Trump, he has filled a supportive role of campaigning and leading special projects. Indianapolis Monthly found three prominent achievements of Pence: staffing the federal government, rebuilding the space program and campaigning.

He was also tasked by the president to lead the Coronavirus task force. Many governors praised Pence for his work during the Coronavirus, such as Democrat Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who stated he has a “really good working relationship” with Vice President Pence. Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine praised Pence’s work, saying, “If you didn’t have a scorecard, you wouldn’t have known who was a Republican, who was a Democrat. The vice president was engaged.” His role in the COVID-19 response has shown some of the first prominent moments of great work from the vice president.

He worked to fill a prominent number of cabinet and federal agency positions, specifically Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, who both hail from Pence’s home state of Indiana. In an effort to rebuild the military, the Trump administration aimed extraplanetary, bringing back the National Space Council and funding $8 billion toward a new branch of the military known as Space Force.

Pence has also heavily campaigned for Trump and the Republican party, raising millions of dollars with grueling campaigning. According to Politico, Pence was assigned his biggest task by leading the Coronavirus response task force. Vice President Pence has been a steady worker and aide amid Trump’s presidency. In terms of policy, Mike Pence has proclaimed himself “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order,” according to ABC News. His politics align with the Christian conservatives, and his faith has been at the forefront of his politics, from being a strong supporter of traditional marriage to an advocate for banning abortion, where he has been resolute on promoting pro-life legislation.

Relative to other typical Republican policies, Pence has supported stopping illegal immigration; abandoning the Paris-Climate Agreement; encouraging economic growth in the fossil fuel industry, specifically oil, gas, fracking and coal; and protecting the Second Amendment. All these stances clearly align with the current Republican Party under President Trump.

If re-elected as part of the Republican ticket, Pence will continue to be a strong second-incommand to President Trump. Pence has been a solid wingman that the president needs due to his strong personality and will be a great vice president if re-elected. Although President Trump dominates the Republican ticket in the upcoming election, Pence’s role as vice president should not be overlooked by voters, as he is a steady leader in a controversial and vigorous administration.

Vice President Pence has shown that he is a loyal candidate for the Republican Party, being unwavering on many key conservative issues and an electable, noncontroversial nominee; he is poised for a bright future in the Republican Party.

Keaton Browder is an Opinion Writer.

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