Student Activities opens Hydaway after hours for its first late night event of the year

Liberty University’s Campus Recreation hosted Hydaway After Dark Friday evening, giving students a break from campus life.

Students got to experience a relaxing glowstick-themed night out at Camp Hydaway, consisting of late-night lake paddling, kayaking and s’mores.

Outdoor Recreation Director Mike Ellsworth and his team had been wanting to do a late-night event at Hydaway for a while. He said they have hosted a similar event once before, but this one had significantly more decorations.

“Since the event was going to be at night, we figured we would add a ‘glow’ element to the event,” Ellsworth said. 

He manages the Hydaway facility as well as the events and programs such as bonfires, off-site trips and other trainings. 

“Our whole team has been involved in planning and facilitating the event,” Ellsworth said. “Specifically, our managers have been pushing everything forward.”

Students swiped their Flames pass to get into the event, which was limited to 250 students due to COVID-19 regulations. Food was provided in a safe manner by campus recreation staff throughout the night.

“Right now we are working hospitality, so we are basically making sure everyone gets food in a safe manner and just having an enjoyable night,” staff member Hunter Thorkelson said.

Students were thankful for a relaxed Friday night with a summer vibe despite fall quickly approaching.

The purpose of Hydaway After Dark was to experience Hydaway after-hours, an event many students have been asking for. Outdoor Recreation rarely hosts Hydaway after-hours, and it was a unique once-a-semester experience for them.

“Hydaway after Dark is a great way to enjoy the facility under the light of the stars, moon and black lights,” Ellsworth said. 

Campus Recreation is hoping to do more events like this in the future and is always looking to Liberty University students for ideas.

Hannah Woolwine is a News Reporter. Follow her on Twitter at @WoolwineHannah.

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  • Outdoor Recreation is not part of Student Activities, they are a department under the Campus Recreation umbrella. Student Activities is not under Campus Recreation. Also, they are no longer “Camp Hydaway” it is the Hydaway Outdoor Center. While SA puts on fantastic events, this was not one. This fell on the Outdoor Adventure and Hydaway Outdoor Center staff.

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