OpInion: The Bible Gives Christians Guidelines on How to Vote

It is hard to believe that November is just over a month away, and it is even harder to believe that it is an election year. Not to mention that 2020 has been a rollercoaster in itself, where Americans seem to be more divided than ever.

Nov. 3 marks election day. It will be my first time as an eligible voter in the presidential election, and I can already imagine myself walking up to the polls to vote for a candidate. After all, having a voice in politics is a privilege that Christians should utilize to glorify the name of the Lord.

Although national elections tend to steal the spotlight away from local elections, it does not lessen the importance of them. Participating in local government elections allows for one to have a huge impact in his or her community. 

If one chooses to vote in a local election, it is useful to know that they manage a variety of things that work within one’s community. Whether it deals with education, roads, housing, environment, public transit and so much more, they are all factors managed by local government.  

Congressional elections are set to take place at the same time as the presidential elections. In Virginia, Bob Good (R) and Cameron Webb (D) are running to replace Denver Riggleman (R) for Virginia’s 5th District, which includes Lynchburg.

Good has emphasized the importance of allocating more funds and resources to support law enforcement, while Webb wants to put more energy and time into healthcare.

In Virginia’s 6th District, Ben Cline (R) and Nicholas Betts (D) are setting their sights on a Congressional seat. Cline has been running his campaign with the values of “faith, family, community and personal responsibility.” Betts has said he will be putting high-priority on developing clean, renewable energy and requiring body cameras for law enforcement.   

These factors are being implemented in everyday life in some way and have the ability to affect our lives as well. Thus, voting in local elections allows people to take part in the changes to their community and have a direct voice on factors that might affect their lives in a positive or negative way.

As a Christian voter, one can wonder, “How do I know which candidate to support?” My simple answer to this is to go straight to Scripture. There is nowhere better to find truth and guidance when choosing someone to represent and lead our country.

Although I do not know everything about politics, I do know that Scripture gives light to the core morals and values that God has ordained. Regardless of what political party one sides with, a Christian voter should be in the Word and living out what God has instructed.

I Timothy 2:1-2 says, “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

Ultimately, God does not see political parties. In the eyes of God, we are not categorized as Republican or Democrat. We are seen as the children of God made one through the body of Christ.

Politics are messy. It will continue to divide Americans and force them to choose a side.

The good news is that Jesus is not on a side. Scripture reveals to us the expectations of a leader and what it should look like in a governing way. No candidate will even come close to a leader like Jesus, but if they are striving to be more like Jesus, then they definitely make for an exceptional candidate.

Immerse yourself in Scripture to get a better picture of what God wants for a leader in his kingdom. Pray for the presidential and local candidates. Most importantly, I hope you will take this opportunity to participate in this election, which has the potential to change the world for the greater good.

Lauren Shank is an Opinion Writer.


  • Thank you very much for this opinion.if we as Christians, meditate on God’s Wor and spend time in the Word, we will receive His message for direction. We must remember that no matter what the outcome will be, God is in control and already knows the future. But as you stated vee need to pray for all the candidates now and when they are part of out governing body.

  • Sitting back and doing nothing is how prayer was taken out of schools. Just like men using women’s bathrooms today. So I do not see this as good advice.

    • I believe as Christian voters, we must weigh on all facts of the person we vote , Iv got to admit- I will always vote against anyone who supports abortion! Is plain murder— if you say a murder is ok, I won’t support you!! It’s a huge sin

  • Do you not ķnow the meaning of( Not of this world). Christians don’t judge, Christians don’t get into worldly things such as politics. Abortion is not mentioned in any scripture. God’s will will always be done! We all are with sin, so how can any of use call out anyone else’s sin no matter what it is

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