Former Liberty student turns his car repair hobby into a full-time business

Everyone who drives a car will run into issues with wear and tear, and college students often struggle with where to go for a trustworthy repair. To combat this common problem, a Liberty alumnus created a mobile mechanic service called C.A.R. Mechanics and has plans to expand. 

In 2019, Akira Miyazono, an LU student at the time, had an idea that he believes God gave him. Miyazono was helping friends with car issues, and they expressed that they liked how they did not need to go to a shop to get their cars checked. Miyazono said this sparked an idea to start a business that would allow him to help others and continue doing something he enjoyed. 

“I thought about making a mobile mechanic service with an app that brings both mechanic experienced people and customers together.” Miyazono said. 

Miyazono set up a meeting with the Center of Entrepreneurship and developed a business plan.

Shortly after his first meeting, he came up with the name C.A.R. Mechanics which stands for Convenient. Accessible. Reliable. Mechanics. 

In December, Miyazono offered his services by himself, but he began promoting his company through the School of Business, to friends, and in his classes. 

Through the Center of Entrepreneurship, Miyazono was able to offer students CSER credits if they brought their talents and ideas to the incubator program for him to use in his business. He soon had a team working on graphic design, writing contracts, hiring mechanics, and web design. 

“At one point, I had about 10 people, plus a crew from the Cinematics Art department doing a commercial for us. But it wasn’t finished due to COVID-19,” Miyazono said. 

Miyazono also said that they were one of the five finalists on Spark Tank for a $10,000 prize, but the event was canceled due to COVID-19.

The C.A.R. Mechanics crew now consists of Miyazono, Tim Pasley the marketing director, Hannah Clerc who works with legal issues, Kaleb David the web-developer and graphic designer, and mechanics Kenya Young, Josh Galer, and Remington Bordeaux. Miyazono and Young are alumni, while the rest of the crew are current
LU students.

C.A.R. Mechanics does not have an actual business building, as Miyazono runs the operations from home and over the phone. From mid-May to the present, Miyazono has been working full time on C.A.R. Mechanics.

“Since we’re mobile mechanics, we cut the overhead out and just show up with tools wherever customers need us,” Miyazono said. “As far as COVID-19, it was a great timing since I had an internship lined up that was cancelled as well. So, I said, ‘If I am ever going to do this full time, this is the time.’”

The C.A.R. Mechanics offer general maintenance services and minor mechanical services, including oil changes, brake pads and rotor replacement, alternator, radiators, oxygen sensors, and thermostats. They also offer sound system installations and other detailing. Additionally, the business has partnered with local body and paint shops. 

The C.A.R. Mechanics company is striving to reach a national level as they look to expand to Virginia Beach, Richmond, and North Carolina. Their goal is to create an app where experienced mechanics and customers can find each other through C.A.R. Mechanics. 

“Our mission is to change the way that minor mechanical services work right now, making it convenient and no longer a scary thing by going to a shop.” Miyazono said.  

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