Opinion: People in the US Mask Up Their Fear and Call it “Safety”

A new lifestyle forced everyone to conform to its requirements five months ago.

At every restaurant, store and place of public gathering, a list of rules strikes you in the face before you can enter. Small stickers cover the ground reminding patrons at a store to keep their distance, specifically six feet of distance. Hand sanitizer has become an essential item in people’s pockets. Smiles are no longer expected to be seen when passing by people on the streets. At best you can see a change in their eyes, knowing there is a smile under the thin piece of cloth covering their mouths. 

More often than not, signs stating, “Help keep everyone safe” are stationed right next to the rules and regulations that the state or local government has put in place. Now, I walk into stores putting on a crumpled mask from my purse and go about my business with limited interaction with others. Is this supposed to be the new normal that we just accept without question?

Some say wearing a mask is loving your neighbor, but what is love without truth? Complete neglect of the truth and worship of “safety” has allowed fear to rise and sound reasoning to suffer. With cooperate worship of the Lord deemed in several places around the U.S. as “unsafe,” many people are choosing safetyism as their golden calf to which they fall onto their knees and worship. 

With a nation struck down with fear, people’s willingness to comply gets easier by the day. I have a feeling there is no coincidence between the widespread fearfulness and the never-ending power grab seen from state and national leaders, claiming they know what’s “safe” for everyone. 

Hattie Troutman

When people try to shed light on data, logic and reasoning — truth amidst deceit — they are demoralized and ostracized. It seems ironic that in a culture that craves to be heard, the same culture easily silences people they don’t agree with, and if you say too much, you just might be added to the ongoing list of conspiracy theorists.

Leaders like Big Pharma, with the large stakes in the game, have their hands on the game controller, manipulating and controlling the lives of many — wielding the power of fear before our very eyes. Their desire for money and control often makes me question whether they were ever in the business of promoting legitimate health safety.  

This is the truth that barely makes the airstreams and has slowly crept under the radar.

The Center for Disease Control announced last week that COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned for 6% of the total deaths. Out of the 152,000 deaths that the CDC reports, 6% of that number results to 9,120 deaths. The other 94% of deaths had on average 2.6 additional conditions or comorbidities on top of coronavirus, making the dreaded virus tremendously less deadly. I think this is reason to celebrate, but fear-spinners at the top will not rejoice in the truth.

Has the never-ending screaming of “safety” blinded our eyes to the real data and truth? As I continue to watch the coddling of minds that should be able to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves, the trend of masking fear with a desire for safety runs rampant. Unfortunately, I think time will show that the ones who want to provide “safety” aren’t actually providing safety at all.

Hattie Troutman is the Editor-in-Chief for the Liberty Champion.


  • Truth is one of the most important principles of our walk with Christ. Good article Hattie. Grandma

  • Hattie, the attitude you project in this article is superb. America needs more thoughtful citizens and fewer sheeple who merely follow whatever they are told. Our Founding Fathers instructed us that JUST laws are the basis for our law and government and “JUST” are those things consistent with the “Law of Nature and Nature’s God” – legally defined at the time as “the will of God” as he can be witnessed in nature and “holy scripture.” This is the moral standard for our Constitutional Republic and no law can be legislated that violates these, though many have been.

    Reason and science are married to Christianity and always have been. Enmeshed in all of that is TRUTH. Real objective truth.

    I encourage you to keep speaking truth Hattie. We need more like you in this world.

    John Guandolo
    President, UTT

  • This kind of article is so biased and very one sided. It only furthers disbelief in the virus and the capabilities it has to destroy communities and kill the most vulnerable. Also, in psychology they call constant disbelief, questioning, and worrying about conspiracy theories “paranoia” but go off sis.

  • Hattie,

    Great article and thank you for being a champion of truth. As a retired combat veteran, I know our America is in good hands with young people like yourself at the helms. There may be darkness all around, but your light will pierce the darkness. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5). Stay strong and keep being a champion of truth!

    Proud Liberty Student

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