Liberty University hosts Charlie Kirk to discuss new book, “MAGA Doctrine”

As election seasons gets fully underway, debates surrounding the political leaders rage on. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk spoke at Convocation Friday, March 6, to discuss why President Donald Trump is the perfect man to continue leading the U.S. 

Following the release of his new book, “The MAGA Doctrine,” Kirk spoke to students about the balance between Christian beliefs and political views. 

“We as Christians view politics as messy, and that’s correct because everything compared to Jesus is messy,” Kirk said. “There are 3,000 abortions a day. We as Christians should not tolerate that. It violates the morals of the Bible and Jesus Christ. If the forces working against Christianity had their way, they’d shut down this school and shut down churches across the country.”

Since his election in 2016, Trump has received criticism from Democrats, culminating in his impeachment trial in late 2019. Kirk says he wrote his book to celebrate Trump’s victories that no one talked about. These victories include work to shut down sex trafficking and implement criminal reform.

“The Trump administration has done more to fight the unspeakable evil of sex trafficking than any other administration in history, shutting down, a record number of arrests and empowering ICE to go into those communities,” Kirk said. 

Kirk and panel guest Jack Brewer discussed that Christians are called to serve “the least of these” in society, but urged that socialism is not the answer to this. They encouraged students to serve people independently and not rely on corrupt socialist systems. 

Brewer expanded that when communities are underserved, they lose spirituality.

“When we started welfare dumping in our communities, it’s the same time that church attendance started going down,” Brewer said. “That’s because spirituality is being removed from our culture … They started giving so many welfare programs to the black community that we started prioritizing welfare over our Christian values.”

Kirk concluded Convocation by encouraging believers to keep fighting for Christian values in society, pointing out Trump’s recent appearance at the March for Life. 

“(He is) the first president to ever attend March for Life,” Kirk said. “I truly believe that decade after decade after decade, this is an issue that we can win on, and that we will win on.”

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