Donald Trump acquitted, found “not guilty” on both articles of impeachment

The Senate voted down both articles of impeachment Wednesday, Feb. 5, 84 days after the first House trial regarding impeachment, according to Fox News. 

This ruling acquitted President Donald Trump and allows him to remain in office. A vote of two-thirds majority for just one article would have removed the sitting president.

The first article of impeachment received a vote of 52-48, deeming the president “not guilty” of abuse of power. 

The second article of impeachment received a vote of 53-47, ruling the president “not guilty” of obstruction of Congress. 

All Republican senators except Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) voted “not guilty” on both articles of impeachment.

In his opening speech, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the Senate was established to keep “factional fevers” at bay and protect the nation. 

“The framers built the Senate to keep temporary rage from doing permanent damage to our republic,” McConnell said. 

At the conclusion, the Senate presented Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. a golden gavel to commemorate his service to the United States Supreme Court and thank him for his time presiding over the trial. 

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