What is the Falkirk Center? Liberty University joins Charlie Kirk to create a new kind of think tank to promote faith and liberty on college campuses

On Nov. 30, 2019, Liberty University announced its partnership with political activist Charlie Kirk with the creation of the Falkirk Center, a modern think tank set to renew and defend God-given freedoms and Christian principles throughout American politics and culture. 

Although the center is not a traditional think tank according to Executive Director Ryan Helfenbein, the Falkirk Center strives to be a cultural influencing tool that exists for college students to actively engage in and have their voice heard. 

“This is not your dad’s or granddad’s think tank,” Helfenbein said. “We’re trying to have massive cultural influence, and Gospel driven and Christ-centered cultural influence that also speaks to issues that culminate in public policy.”

As the Falkirk center looks to take on current social issues with the Bible as its compass, the center also looking to engage a younger generation of people who are passionate about standing for their Christian principles and reforming what the center believes is a leftist, progressive leaning culture. 

“The youth are fundamentally influencing where our culture is going and that is a good thing, but all things need a rudder,” Helfenbein said. “We need a true north and that true north is not older people stepping in, that true north is Jesus Christ.”

Helfenbein said the vision behind this partnership is having Liberty University President Jerry Falwell who represents an older generation coming together with Kirk and a younger generation for the sake of the Gospel in
the public sphere. 


Origin of the Center

The idea for the center was presented by Kirk when he pitched the idea to Falwell last year. Helfenbein said Falwell received the idea well, knowing that if Liberty was to be in a partnership with the center, it must be rooted in the Gospel and represent Liberty University’s missional values. 

“The Gospel driven aspect is really coming from the president and it’s not just political,” Helfenbein said. “It is really the unification of both.”

Before the center took flight, the Falkirk Center built a team of cultural influencers and professional experts who could lead the charge in spreading the Falkirk Center’s mission. Unlike a traditional think tank, filled with research fellows who work towards creating policy, Helfenbein said these fellows are influencers and they are people who can reach audiences. Some of these fellows include Jaco Booyens, a producer and director who actively speaks out against the issue of sex-trafficking, and Antonio Okafor, director of outreach for Gun Owners of America.

Liz Fitch | Liberty Champion
PARTNERSHIP — President Falwell shook hands with Charlie Kirk on the Liberty Convocation stage while Kirk and the Falkirk fellows talked about the new center and what students can expect to see in the next year.

The Falkirk Center also has another team apart from the fellows called the Champions, which consists of people who are experts in their professional areas such as Jenna Ellis, a senior legal counselor for President Donald Trump. 

“We picked the fellows based on where they stood with their faith,” Helfenbein said. “These guys are committed and sold out for the Gospel, and they are people who are about political and civic engagement and getting out into the marketplace.”

Student Involvement

On Jan. 15, 2020, students attending the first convocation of the spring semester caught a glimpse of the Falkirk fellows as they shared segments of their stories and their social and political involvement. Each fellow brings to the table a different background and advocacy campaign, but they all share the same goal of sharing the Gospel and training young Christians to be engaged in cultural issues. 

Helfenbein said Christians must avoid getting confused about their principles while the progressive cultural movement is rising up to a fever pitch. This belief spreads into the goal of the Falkirk Center to restore Judeo-Christian values in American political culture, starting with the next generation of leaders. 

“The world is constantly speaking out saying live your own truth,” Helfenbein said. “There is only one truth, and that is God’s truth.”

As the Falkirk Center looks to pave a way in 2020, Helfenbein said they want students to play a key role in the purpose of the center. The Falkirk Ambassadorship program is their way of trying to engage students on campus. 

“In our ambassador program, we are looking for students who will come along with us and raise issues that students are concerned about,” Helfenbein said. “We hear that, and we want to give them a voice as well, and I think in a way that is amplified far beyond anything that we can
do as separate groups.”

Liberty students who are interested in joining the Falkirk effort, building relationships and positive connections can join the think tank by participating in the first chapter of the  Falkirk Center Ambassadorship program. Helfenbein said they hope to have everyone involved with the programs be hands on with what they are trying to accomplish. 

Future of the Center

The Falkirk Center also plans on creating its own print journal, publishing articles written by the fellows and several guest writers. The inaugural journal is set to launch in the next month along with three other publication dates throughout the year. Guest writers like Lawrence Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education, and Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the house, plan to have articles featured in the first publication of the Falkirk Journal. 

Helfenbein said their center will exist through their network and friendships of people who will come alongside them. The Falkirk Center also plans to add offices in Liberty’s Green Hall building, which will include a conference center and
flash studio. 

“We are going to be far more focused on resourcing, connections and mobility,” Helfenbein said. “We want to lay down the groundwork through our ambassadorship, the fellows, print publication and reach on social media.”

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  • Interesting article! Sounds like there will be great things coming from Falkirk

  • Good article on Falkirk Center. I heard on One America News when this union of ideas was first announced. Greta Pollard

  • This is good news to hear our God given rights will be shared with those who are only exposed to secular values. Lucelia Larios

  • Thank you, I received your Falkirk publication because I attend the Liberty U. Big Question: How do I opt out of this propaganda? I’m attending Liberty U to let the God guide me through my studies. But I’m not here to be subjected to MAGA indoctrination. I’m old enough to know the false prophet, and I see you through

  • As one of the 1st early students at Lynchburg Baptist College We travelled with Dr Falwell raising $$ for a future that became LU My dad was a deacon at TRBC(a veteran of Pearl Harbor) my brother and I Vietnam my son Baghdad It’s is late in the game but let’s re-establish the understanding of a Constitutional Repbublic Sign me up !!

  • So glad to see finally the link between the Gospel of our Saviour and our God-given rights secured under the Second Amendment is being given its rightful place in the national discourse! #Panckin’ForJesus!

  • Great to find someone who has similar ideas and not afraid to broadcast. Thank you Charley!

  • I am listening to Charlie Kirk on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show. Am very impressed with this articulate and well educated young man. It makes me very hopeful for the work of the Falkirk Center. God bless this endeavor.

  • What does it say about the discernment and faithfulness to the Scriptures of the Falkirk Center leadership to plan to include Roman Catholic^ Newt Gingrich as a featured guest writer for the Falkirk Journal. Newt Gingrich is on his third marriage, and has a history of adultery. In the past, Newt Gingrich has been a member of the New World Order’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    * The Roman Catholic “gospel” of faith plus works is a false gospel ( Galatians 1:8,9, kjv ).

  • Charlie Kirk must be an ambitious little pool boy in training!

  • Wow so this is where right wing propaganda is developed. Proud of Falwelll now. Newt certainly adhere to his faiths marriage vows—NOT! Sebastian “angry right wing nutcase” surely wants peace in the country.

  • This will be a good home for Jenna Ellis now that she’s run out of lies and crazy theories and drivel working on the Trump campaign.

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