LU freshman’s family launches fashion company that supports pro-life organizations

Companies in the fashion industry often directly donate or indirectly give proceeds to organizations like Planned Parenthood. Many pro-life customers, however, want to enjoy shopping and the clothes they are wearing without indirectly funding an organization they disagree with.  Supporting mainstream companies funding Planned Parenthood has become a problem for many individuals who don’t agree with the politics and practices of Planned Parenthood. 

COL1972 (Culture of Life) is dedicated to the pro-life movement, and offers fashionable options for those who want to take a different type of approach to support the pro-life movement. 

“Our mission at Culture of Life is to reclaim fashion for life,” Liberty freshman Vittoria D’Addesi, co-founder of COL1972, said. “It’s about honoring the gift of life and shopping with a conscience.”

“Beginning in 2018, my family and I read an article listing different companies that donate to Planned Parenthood,” D’Addesi said. “We found ourselves contributing to so many on the list, and we didn’t want to be supporting brands anymore that are so against our values.” 

In response, D’Addesi and her family launched their own fashion business, Culture of Life 1972, in Jan. 2019. 

“It is crazy what God has done through this,” she said. “Great success in our products, thousands of followers – and of course, Abby Johnson.” 

Johnson is a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who became a pro-life activist after witnessing an abortion on an ultrasound in 2009. Johnson is Culture of Life’s official global ambassador and has been instrumental in furthering the business’s impact. 

“Abby has been amazing,” D’Addesi said. “She is on fire for life, encouraging people to live to the fullest and have a passion for honoring life through fashion.”

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CLASSY — COL1972 provides an alternative for those who want to support pro-life values without sacrificing style.

D’Addesi explained that this movement seeks a less traditional approach than their competitors.

“We really wanted to provide a way for people who are pro-life to not ‘tattoo-it,’ but show genuine support for life while feeling glamorous.”

“The name honors the last year that we feel America truly had a culture of life. In 1973, we really lost that right with Roe v. Wade,” D’Addesi said. 

She also explains how the name provides a great talking point for people and an opportunity to share a message that is not confrontational but honoring of life. 

COL1972 allows people to fit in without sacrificing their core values. 

“It’s fashion without the compromise and guilt,” D’Addesi said, “We give back a portion of our money to pro-life organizations and supporters such as Students for Life, ‘And Then There Were None’ and local
women’s shelters.” 

COL1972 is having a special convocation Feb. 28 at Liberty University with Global Ambassador Abby Johnson.

“I believe there is so much untapped pro-life potential on campus and am so pleased to see speakers such as Abby coming,” D’Addesi said. “Essentially everything the pro-life movement supports is grounded in Biblical principles, and I hope that the school promotes events such as this more often in the future.” 

In addition to convocation Feb. 28, COL1972 is hosting a fashion show event with pro-life speakers the following weekend to spark more conversation on the issue. 

“We sell a little bit of everything,” D’Addesi said, “ranging from leisure wear and jewelry to business casual.”

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